Faculty News

Stern in the News | November 22, 2022

NYU Stern campus
  • The Wall Street Journal | 11/21/2022 | Professor Aswath Damodaran interview: “How Elon Musk’s Twitter Faces Mountain of Debt, Falling Revenue and Surging Costs.”
  • Real Time with Bill Maher | 11/19/2022 | Professor Jonathan Haidt video interview: “Kids and Social Media.”
  • American Banker | 11/18/2022 | Research from Professor Sabrina Howell is spotlighted: “Are Fintechs Living Up to Their Promise of Financial Inclusion?”
  • Bloomberg Law | 11/18/2022 | Professor Alison Taylor interview: “Big Law’s ‘Wokeness’ Is Driving Conservatives Batty.”
  • WalletHub | 11/18/2022 | Professor Samuel Craig interview: “2022's Best Things to Buy on Black Friday.”
  • WalletHub | 11/18/2022 | Professor Priya Raghubir interview: “Best Personal Loans.”
  • The New York Times | 11/17/2022 | Joint research from Professor Arpit Gupta is cited: “Why Office Buildings Are Still in Trouble.”
  • BQ Prime | 11/16/2022 | Research from Professor Viral Acharya is highlighted: “Viral Acharya, Former RBI Deputy Governor, Among World's Most Cited Researchers.”
  • CNBC | 11/16/2022 | Recent commentary from Professor Nouriel Roubini is featured: “Economist Nouriel Roubini Slams Crypto.”
  • CNN | 11/16/2022 | Professor Scott Galloway video interview: “Professor Scott Galloway on Elon Musk and Twitter.”
  • The Hill | 11/16/2022 | Professor Peter Newman interview: “New Black Panther Blockbuster’s Success Raises Question on Whether People Are Going Back to the Movies.”
  • HubSpot | 11/16/2022 | Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “Types of Minimum Viable Product and How To Build It.”
  • MarketWatch | 11/16/2022 | Joint research from Professor Matthew Richardson is highlighted: “Opinion: The One ‘Alternative’ Investment Most Likely to Help Your Portfolio.”
  • WalletHub | 11/16/2022 | Professor Jared Watson interview: “2022’s Best Places to Shop on Black Friday.”
  • American Banker | 11/15/2022 | Professor Lawrence White interview: “Meshing Workplace Cultures in a Merger Is No Easy Trick. These Banks Nailed It.”
  • CNBC | 11/15/2022 | Professor Arun Sundararajan video interview: “NYU's Arun Sundararajan on Building Effective Teams and the Future of Work.”
  • The TrustMakers podcast | 11/14/2022 | Professor Tensie Whelan podcast interview: “NYU Professor Tensie Whelan on How Sustainable Brands Earn Trust.”