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Stern leads the trend story about teaching environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment strategies in which Professor Tony Marciano highlights setting up the ESG fund in the School's Michael Price Student Investment Fund

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Excerpt from Financial Times -- "Finance students at NYU Stern School of Business learn about environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment with the help of hard cash as well as lectures. They invest real money through a teaching fund that is at the heart of an experiential learning course. But setting up an ESG portfolio proved to be an education for staff as well as students. An array of ESG standards and metrics made the launch a time consuming process. 'Even once we’d started the fund and put the money in it, it took us at least a month before we bought our first stock,' says Anthony Marciano, a clinical finance professor at Stern, in New York City. Prof Marciano teaches the course based on management of the Michael Price Student Investment Fund, a family of funds with a value of about $2m. 'The other funds started from the get-go. With a value fund it’s easy to pick your benchmark,' Prof Marciano says. 'But we ran into a lot of complexities [with the ESG fund] that we wouldn’t have had with the other funds.'”

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