Faculty News

Stern in the News | April 11, 2023

  • Cointelegraph | 4/11/2023 | Research from Professor Thomas Philippon is cited: “Shapella Could Bring Institutional Investors to Ethereum Despite Risks.”

  • BBC | 4/10/2023 | Professor Arun Sundararajan interview: “TikTok’s Parent Company Bytedance Records Huge Profits.”

  • NPR | 4/10/2023 | Professor Natalia Levina interview: “IT Outsourcing Experts Explain the Risks and Rewards for State Farm.”

  • Financial Times | 4/9/2023 | Professor Richard Berner interview: “Options Trading Surges as Investors Brace Themselves for U.S. Regional Bank Volatility.”

  • Financial Times | 4/6/2023 | Professor Lawrence White interview: “What I Learnt From Three Banking Crises.”

  • Insider India | 4/6/2023 | Commentary from Professor Nouriel Roubini is referenced: “The U.S. Is Pushing China to a 'Red Line' and Companies That Do Business in the Country Need to Come Up With a 'Plan B.’”

  • The New York Times | 4/6/2023 | Professor Michael Posner interview: “Chinese Officials Flock to Twitter to Defend TikTok.”

  • The Hill | 4/5/2023 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett interview: “Twitter’s Changing Blue Checkmark Policy Sparks Confusion.”

  • The Times of India | 4/5/2023 | Research from Professor Viral Acharya is spotlighted: “What Viral Acharya Wants India to Do to Take on China.”

  • Business Today | 4/4/2023 | Professor Aswath Damodaran video interview: “Has the Adani Group Issue Exposed a Weak Link in Banking?”

  • Insider | 4/4/2023 | Joint research from Professor Robert Seamans is highlighted: “Legal and Finance Jobs are Among the Most at Risk From AI, While Construction and Trade Jobs Face Minimal Influence, Studies Suggest.”

  • The Hill | 4/3/2023 | Co-authored commentary from Professor Kim Schoenholtz and joint research from Professors Alexi Savov and Philipp Schnabl is cited: “Should Monetary Policy and Regulatory Policy Be Split?”

  • The Korea Times | 4/4/2023 | Joint research from Professor Priya Raghubir is mentioned: “Digital Advancement and the Cashless Effect.”

  • Reuters | 4/4/2023 | Research from the Center for Business and Human Rights is featured: “Column: Is it Time to Embrace Congo's Artisanal Cobalt Miners?”

  • Marketplace | 4/2/2023 | Professor David Yermack interview: “Has the Banking Crisis Been a Boon for Crypto?”

  • The CPA Journal | 3/31/2023 | Research from the Center for Sustainable Business is highlighted: “Get Ready for the Future of Auditing.”

  • Investir.ch | 3/30/2023 | Professor Nicholas Economides interview: “SVB, Signature Bank and Credit Suisse: Why the Worst Need Not Be Feared.”