Faculty News

Stern in the News | August 1, 2023

  • The Economist | 7/30/2023 | Professor Aswath Damodaran interview: “Is There More to Alphabet Than Google Search?”

  • El Confidential | 7/30/2023 | Senior Research Scholar Steven Altman interview: “Good News: The World Has Not Split Into Two Blocs Around the U.S. and China (For Now).”

  • The Mentors Radio | 7/29/2023 | Dean of Students Conor Grennan podcast interview: "Host Tom Loarie Talks With Conor Grennan About ChatGPT, BARD, BING and How A.I. Can Help Power Your Career and More."

  • Careers Unwrapped | 7/28/2023 | Adjunct Professor Bhushan Sethi podcast interview: “How to Kickstart Your Career by Asking Questions With Bhushan Sethi.”

  • Channel News Asia | 7/28/2023 | Professor Petra Moser interview: “Immigrants Fill Workforce Gaps in the United States as Their Numbers Grow.”

  • Glam | 7/28/2023 | Professor Thomaï Serdari interview: “The Black Tote Is the 2023 Handbag Trend that Refuses to Go Out of Style.”

  • NBC News | 7/28/2023 | Professor Robert Seamans video interview: “Walmart Using AI to Streamline Organization – What Will It Mean For Workers?”

  • NPR | 7/27/2023 | Professor Luís Cabral interview: “Why Residuals Are Taking Center Stage in Actors' Strike.”

  • CNBC | 7/26/2023 | Professor Suzy Welch video interview: “NYU Professor Suzy Welch on ‘Lazy Girl Jobs’ Trend: A Strong Desire to Avoid Anxiety at All Costs.”

  • The Journal | 7/26/2023 | Research from Professor Melissa Schilling is highlighted: “Lowering Blood Sugar May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk.”

  • Variety | 7/26/2023 | Professor Peter Newman interview: “After a Decade in Limbo, Brian Robbins Is Giving Paramount a Makeover With ‘Ninja Turtles,’ Tom Cruise and ‘Gladiator 2.’”

  • Gray TV | 7/25/2023 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett video interview: “Safeguarding Artificial Intelligence.”

  • Marketplace | 7/25/2023 | Professor Paul Hardart interview: “Will Big Tech Platforms Feel a Dip in Ad Spending?”

  • Benzinga | 7/24/2023 | Professor Scott Galloway interview: “Should Hollywood Strikers Picket Outside Microsoft? Plus: Barbie to Earn $600M+”

  • MarketWatch | 7/24/2023 | Professor Adam Alter interview: “How Barbie Conquered America.”

  • Financial Times | 7/20/2023 | Insights from NYU Stern's new book, "SVB and Beyond: The Banking Stress of 2023," co-authored by Viral V. Acharya, Richard Berner, Thomas Philippon, Matthew P. Richardson, Stephen G. Ryan, Alexi Savov, Philipp Schnabl, Kermit L. Schoenholtz, Bruce Tuckman, and Lawrence J. White are featured: "When U.S. Safety Nets Undercut the Financial System."