Faculty News

Stern in the News | August 10, 2021

Henry Kaufman Management Center
  • Quartz | 8/10/2021 | Professor Anindya Ghose interview: “Ola Needs More Than Just Hype for Its Electric Scooter to Succeed in the Long Run.”
  • Business Cases Magazine | 8/9/2021 | Professor and Dean Emeritus Peter Henry and Professor Scott Galloway interviews: "Reinvention of the Normal."
  • Entrepreneur | 8/7/2021 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is cited: “5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Adhering to Sustainable Development Principles.”
  • BBC | 8/5/2021 | Professor Michael North interview: “The 'Acute' Ageism Problem Hurting Young Workers.”
  • Financial Times | 8/5/2021 | Professor Karen Brenner interview: “Stakeholders Incorporated: Can Capitalism Change if Company Charters Stay the Same?
  • NPR | 8/5/2021 | Professor Alixandra Barasch interview: “To Remember The Moment, Try Taking Fewer Photos.”
  • Business of Fashion | 8/4/2021 | Professor Thomai Serdari interview: “Why Price Inflation is Coming to Fashion.”
  • Callaway Climate Insights | 8/4/2021 | Joint research from Professors Johannes Stroebel and Jeffrey Wurgler is spotlighted: “Markets Are Missing Climate Risk; That's an Opportunity.”
  • Banking Exchange | 8/2/2021 | Commentary from Professor Kim Schoenholtz is highlighted: “Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Threaten Financial Stability and Privacy.”