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Stern in the News | August 3, 2021

NYU Stern campus
  • BBC | 8/2/2021 | Research from the Center for Business and Human Rights is referenced: “Twitter Works With News Sites to Tackle Disinformation.”
  • The New York Times | 8/2/2021 | Professor Alison Taylor interview: “A Wall Street Dressing Down: Always. Be. Casual.”
  • Empire Financial Daily | 7/31/2021 | Research from Professor Edward Altman is spotlighted: “A Storm is Approaching.”
  • Forbes | 7/31/2021 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is cited: “Tractor Beverage Co Offers Restaurants Eco-minded Alternatives to Saccharine Sodas.”
  • BBC | 7/30/2021 | Professor Hans Taparia interview: “Why New Yorkers Pay $15 for 'Sad Desk Salads.’”
  • Business Insider | 7/30/2021 | Recent commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is featured: “Robinhood May Seem like a Roaring Success, But 5 Red Flags Make its Business Model Unstable.”
  • Al Jazeera | 7/29/2021 | Professor Vasant Dhar interview: “Robinhood and the Rise of Teenage Stock Investors.”
  • Bloomberg | 7/29/2021 | Recent commentary from Professor Joost van Dreunen is highlighted: “The French Unicorn Dream Built on Trading Cards.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 7/29/2021 | Professor Tensie Whelan interview: “When It Comes to ESG, Companies Often Find It Hard to Stand Out.”
  • Bloomberg | 7/28/2021 | Professor Nouriel Roubini video interview: “Nouriel Roubini Says a Stagflationary Debt Crisis Is on the Way.”
  • Financial Times | 7/28/2021 | Commentary from Lord Mervyn King is featured: “U.S Treasury Market Needs Urgent Reform, Warn Former Policymakers.”
  • The Markup | 7/28/2021 | Professor David Yermack interview: “What Are the Pitfalls of Investing in Cryptocurrency?”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 7/27/2021 | Research from Professor Aswath Damodaran is referenced: “Big Pharma Quietly Pushes Back on Global Tax Deal, Citing Covid-19 Role.”
  • WalletHub | 7/27/2021 | Professor Lawrence White interview: “2021's States with the Highest & Lowest Credit-Card Debts.”
  • Variety | 7/26/2021 | Professor Peter Newman interview: “Sophomore Slump: Why ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Space Jam’ Quickly Sank at the Box Office.”