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Stern in the News | December 15, 2020

Tisch building
  • The Telegraph | 12/14/2020 | Professor Lawrence White interview: “Deutsche Becomes Last Bank to Leave Wall Street.”
  • MSNBC | 12/13/2020 | Professor Cynthia Franklin video interview: “Tips for Small Businesses During the Pandemic.”
  • Quartz | 12/13/2020 | Professor Alison Taylor interview: “How Corporate Leaders Can Respond to Employee Activism.”
  • The Seen and Unseen podcast | 12/13/2020 | Professor Vasant Dhar podcast interview: “Episode 203: Brave New World.”
  • CNN | 12/11/2020 | Professor Jeffrey Sharlach interview: “Elon Musk Appears Immune to Criticism as Tesla Ignores the Media.”
  • The Globe and Mail | 12/11/2020 | Recent research from Professor Aswath Damodaran is featured: “DoorDash, Airbnb Whip Up a Foolish Frenzy on the Stock Market.”
  • HRMonline | 12/11/2020 | Recent commentary from Professor Michael North is highlighted: “3 Hidden Biases HR Should Be Aware Of.”
  • BBC | 12/10/2020 | Professors Alixandra Barasch and Priya Raghubir video interview: “The Psychology of Buying a Home.”
  • The Economic Times | 12/10/2020 | Professor Nouriel Roubini interview: “Corporate Profits Rising on Wage Squeeze, Creating Dangerous Inequalities: Roubini.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 12/10/2020 | Professor Edward Altman interview: “Bankruptcy Guru Predicts Second Wave of Corporate Defaults.”
  • Bloomberg | December 9, 2020 | Professor Arun Sundararajan video interview: "Discussing the DoorDash and Airbnb IPOs."
  • The Economic Times | 12/9/2020 | Professor Viral Acharya interview: “India Should Drive Growth Without Depending on Rate Cuts: Acharya.”
  • The Next Web | 12/9/2020 | Recent commentary from Professor Robert Seamans is spotlighted: “Uber Didn’t Sell its Self-driving Dream — It’s Just Outsourcing the Hard Work.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 12/9/2020 | Professor Joost van Dreunen interview: “Behind the Rocky Release of ‘Cyberpunk 2077,’ a New Videogame Featuring Keanu Reeves.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 12/9/2020 | Joint research from Professor Ingo Walter is highlighted: “Covid-19 Pandemic Puts Squeeze on Pension Plans.”
  • Business Airport International | 12/8/2020 | Research from Professor David Yermack is cited: “Is There a Link Between Stock Markets and Private Aviation?”
  • MarketWatch | 12/8/2020 | Professor Scott Galloway interview: “Why Amazon ‘Was Invented for the Pandemic,’ and How AWS Could Be the Most Valuable Company in the World.”
  • Variety | 12/8/2020 | Professor Peter Newman interview: “Culture Clash: Warner Bros.’ HBO Max Move Signals New Day in Hollywood.”
  • Lexology | 12/7/2020 | Joint research from NYU Pollack Center for Law & Business is mentioned: “SEC 2021 and Beyond: What to Expect.” 
  • Just-Style | 12/4/2020 | New research from the Center for Sustainable Business is featured: “Researchers Make the Business Case for Sustainability Investments.”
  • Bloomberg | 12/3/2020 | New, joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is highlighted: “Container Shipping is Booming Again. That Probably won’t Last.”