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Stern in the News | December 22, 2020

Tisch building
  • Forbes | 12/21/2020 | Joint research from Professor Arpit Gupta and PhD students Joshua Coven and Iris Yao is cited: “Urban Flight Due to Covid-19 is Temporary, Not Permanent.”
  • WWD | 12/21/2020 | Professor Tensie Whelan interview: “What 2020 Taught Fashion About Sustainability and Where to Go From Here.”
  • Business Insider | 12/20/2020 | Professor Tülin Erdem interview: “How a Kansas College Town's Local Bookstore Became a National Brand and Sold Books in all 50 States.”
  • The New York Times | 12/20/2020 | Professor Thomas Philippon interview: “The Antitrust Case Against Big Tech, Shaped by Tech Industry Exiles.”
  • Business Insider | 12/18/2020 | Recent commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is featured: “We Don't Take Vaccines Solely to Protect Ourselves, We Take Them to Protect Others — a Motivation That is All but Nonexistent in the U.S. Right Now.”
  • American Enterprise Institute | 12/16/2020 | Recent commentary from Professor Edward Altman is highlighted: “Global Markets are Partying Like it is 2008 (But a Crash is Coming).”
  • CNET | 12/16/2020 | Professor Arun Sundararajan interview: “Uber Urges Early COVID-19 Vaccine for Drivers, But it Could Get Complicated.”
  • Engadget | 12/16/2020 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director Paul Barrett interview: “How COVID-19 Forced Social Media to Reckon with Misinformation.”
  • Forbes | 12/15/2020 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is spotlighted: “It’s Not Just About the Environment: How to Put More Teeth in Your Sustainability Strategy.”
  • Psychology Today | 12/15/2020 | Joint research from Professor Adam Alter is cited: “How Product Names Influence the Way We Think and Spend.”
  • Singapore Business Review | 12/7/2020 | New, joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is featured: “Singapore Ranks Second in Global Connectivity: DHL GCI.”