Faculty News

Stern in the News | February 14, 2023

  • ANA | 2/10/2023 | Professor Anindya Ghose interview: “The Curtain Rises for Livestreaming.”

  • Bloomberg Tax | 2/10/2023 | Professor Eli Bartov interview: “Lyft’s Huge Earnings Hit Spurred by SEC Accounting Warning.”

  • Idea for India | 2/10/2023 | Commentary from Professor Viral Acharya is featured: “Emerging From Covid-19: Challenges and Solutions.”

  • The New York Times | 2/10/2023 | Professor Tensie Whelan interview: “A Lawsuit Against Big Oil Gets Personal.”

  • Business Insider | 2/9/2023 | Professor Cynthia Franklin interview: “Here's Why It's Always a Good Time to Start a Business, Despite Inflation, Layoffs, and a Possible Recession.”

  • E&E News | 2/9/2023 | Professor Richard Berner interview: “Explaining the Fed’s Climate Test.”

  • Fortune | 2/9/2023 | Commentary from Professor Alison Taylor is highlighted: “Materiality Assessments May Soon Be Everywhere. But Do They Really Drive Strategy?”

  • Gotham Gazette | 2/9/2023 | Research from Professor Lucius Riccio is cited: “Examining Midtown Traffic, Former NYC Transportation Commissioner Calls for New For-Hire Vehicle Regulations.”

  • The New York Times | 2/9/2023 | Research from Professor Thomas Philippon is referenced: “A Fight Against Sludge.”

  • Variety | 2/9/2023 | Professor Peter Newman interview: “Hollywood Braces for a Possible Writers Strike: Why the WGA and Studios Are on a Collision Course.”

  • Voice of America | 2/9/2023 | Professor Nicholas Economides video interview: “Biden Exudes Optimism for US Economy; Rest of World Expected to Face Longer Recession.”

  • Bloomberg | 2/8/2023 | Professor Arun Sundararajan video interview: “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.”

  • The Hill | 2/8/2023 | Commentary from Professor Hans Taparia is included: “Can Companies Be Virtuous and Still Turn a Profit?”

  • The New York Times | 2/8/2023 | Joint research from Professor Arpit Gupta is highlighted: “The Prophet of Urban Doom Says New York Still Has a Chance.”

  • Luxury Daily | 2/7/2023 | Professor Thomaï Serdari interview: “Burberry Debuts All-New Design Direction Under Daniel Lee.”

  • Business Standard | 2/6/2023 | Research from Professor Aswath Damodaran is featured: “Adani Group Stocks Sell-Off Enters Third Week.”

  • MSNBC | 2/6/2023 | Professor Scott Galloway video interview: “Spicing Up the State of the Union Speech.”

  • Reuters | 2/6/2023 | Professor Joost van Dreunen interview: “Take-Two's Dour Forecast Deepens Concern in Videogame Industry.”