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Stern in the News | June 1, 2022

NYU Stern campus
  • BBC | 6/1/2022 | Professor Sam Chandan interview: “The New Yorkers in Crisis Over Skyrocketing Rents.”
  • Bloomberg | 5/31/2022 | Professor Viral Acharya interview: “Zombie Firms Face Slow Death in US as Era of Easy Credit Ends.”
  • Marketplace | 5/28/2022 | Professor Nicholas Economides interview: “The Pros and Cons of the Sinking Euro.”
  • NBC News | 5/28/2022 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett interview: “While the NRA Convention Is Held in Houston, Protests Against Gun Violence Ensue Across the Nation.”
  • Business Insider | 5/27/2022 | Commentary from Professor Arun Sundararajan is highlighted: “Here Are the 5 Easiest Businesses to Start as a Solopreneur, Including Virtual Assisting, Graphic Design, and Business Coaching.”
  • HR Magazine | 5/26/2022 | Joint research from Professors Frances Milliken and Elizabeth Morrison is spotlighted: “The Importance of Psychological Safety.”
  • Politico | 5/26/2022 | Part-time MBA student Jonathan Grady is featured: “A Forecasting Model Used by the CIA Predicts a Surprising Turn in U.S.-China Relations.”
  • Fast Company | 5/25/2022 | Professor Hans Taparia interview: “Is it Time to Rethink What ESG Investing Means?”
  • Luxury Daily | 5/25/2022 | Professor Thomaï Serdari interview: “Bulgari Taps Anne Hathaway, Zendaya for Elegant, Contemplative Vignette."
  • MarketWatch | 5/25/2022 | Professor Vasant Dhar interview: “Facebook and Apple Are at War, with the Biggest Battle Still on the Horizon.”
  • Politico | 5/25/2022 | Professor Drew Hinkes interview: “Crypto Meets the Suits.”
  • NewsNation | 5/24/2022 | Professor Robert Seamans interview: “Walmart Expanding Drone Service To Reach 4 Million Homes.”
  • El País | 5/23/2022 | Professor Scott Galloway interview: “Why the Honeymoon Is Over for Start-Ups in Latin America.”
  • Fortune | 5/23/2022 | Professor Sabrina Howell interview: “The Shock Waves of Tech Stocks Crashing Are Headed Straight For Startups.”
  • Inc. | 5/23/2022 | Commentary from Professor Lawrence White is mentioned: “Small Businesses Are Starting to See Sales Slow--and That's Not Likely to Change.”
  • Nikkei | 5/20/2022 | Professor Alison Taylor interview: “Software Billionaire Takes on Australia's Biggest Carbon Emitter.”