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Stern in the News | June 8, 2021

NYU Stern campus
  • The Globe and Mail | 6/5/2021 | Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “The Future of Money: The Digital Currency Revolution Is Here, and May Sweep Away 5,000 Years of Monetary History.”
  • Bloomberg | 6/4/2021 | Professor Nicholas Economides interview: “Job Market Paradox: States Got a Record Rescue But Aren’t Hiring.”
  • The Boston Globe | 6/4/2021 | Professor Tom Meyvis interview: “I Don’t Understand a lot About Bitcoin. But as the Mother of a Son Trying to Become a Crypto Millionaire, There’s One Thing I Do Know.”
  • Business Insider | 6/4/2021 | Professor Jonathan Haidt’s book, “The Righteous Mind,” is featured: 26 Spectacular Books That Made it onto College Summer Reading Lists This Year at Universities Around the Country.”
  • Channel News Asia | 6/4/2021 | Professor Deepak Hegde video interview: “Almost 5 Million Businesses in the U.S. Launched Since COVID-19 Pandemic Began.”
  • Dmcny | 6/4/2021 | Professor Ruth Stevens interview: “Covid-19 Lessons for B2B Marketers.”
  • New York Magazine | 6/4/2021 | Commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is highlighted: “Why Subscriptions May Be the Wave of the Future.”
  • NPR | 6/4/2021 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett interview: “Trump Suspended From Facebook For 2 Years.”
  • SwissInfo | 6/4/2021 | Center for Business and Human Rights Research Scholar Dorothée Baumann-Pauly co-authored op-ed: “Cobalt Must Be Included in Swiss Responsible Business Legislation.”
  • CNBC | 6/3/2021 | Professor Aswath Damodaran interview: “AMC Stages Reversal After Stock Sale – Here’s What Five Experts Anticipate Next.”
  • The Economist | 6/3/2021 | Research from Professor Niklas Engbom is highlighted: “Another Reason Why Unemployment Can Remain High Even in a Recovery.”
  • The Globalist | 6/3/2021 | Joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is featured “:Re-Globalization, With Hiccups.”
  • Quartz | 6/3/2021 | Joint research from Professor Luis Cabral is spotlighted: “Stack Overflow Just Sold For $1.8 Billion—But Its Value to Job Seekers Is Incalculable.”
  • AARP | 6/1/2021 | Professor Tensie Whelan interview: “What You Need to Know About Climate Change.”
  • Bloomberg | 6/1/2021 | Commentary from Professor Thomas Philippon is spotlighted: “Amazon’s $34 Billion Makes It an ‘Investment Hero,’ Study Says.”
  • Marketplace | 6/1/2021 | Professor David Yermack interview: “As Consumers Pay Off Credit Card Debt, Banks Are Likely to Offer Credit Incentives.”
  • The Numb Podcast | 5/28/2021 | Professor Alixandra Barasch podcast interview: “Instagram Worthy?”