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Stern in the News | March 1, 2022

NYU Stern campus
  • Forbes | 2/25/2022 | Professor Michael North interview: “Workplace Age Bias Hurts Early-and Late-Career Workers.”
  • Politico | 2/25/2022 | Professor Lawrence White interview: “S&P Global ‘Power Grab’ Sparks Congressional Pushback.”
  • Bloomberg | 2/24/2022 | Professor Edward Altman interview: “The Airlines Still Facing Risk of Bankruptcy as Travel Returns.”
  • Connect Commercial Real Estate | 2/24/2022 | Professor Sam Chandan video interview: “Dr. Sam Chandan on Interest Rates, Urban Epidemiology and the Impact on Healthcare Real Estate.”
  • The Hill | 2/23/2022 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett op-ed: “The Metaverse is the World's Strongest Argument for Social Media Regulation.”
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review | 2/23/2022 | Commentary from Professor Hans Taparia is cited: “ESG Investing Needs to Expand Its Definition of Materiality.”
  • Engadget | 2/19/2022 | Professor Amy Webb’s book, “The Genesis Machine,” is featured: “Hitting the Books: Lab-Grown Meat is the Future, Just as Winston Churchill Predicted.”
  • The Economist | 2/17/2022 | Joint research from Professors Arpit Gupta and Sabrina Howell is featured: “​​Private Equity is Buying Up America’s Newspapers.”
  • StorageCafe | 2/17/2022 | Professor David Eyzenberg interview: “The Most Active Real Estate Markets in the Last Decade: Development Fired Up in the US, with Texas Metros at the Forefront.”