Faculty News

Stern in the News | March 22, 2022

NYU Stern campus
  • Business Insider | 3/20/2022 | Professor Arpit Gupta interview: “Actually, Forcing People to Go Back to the Office Isn't the Way to Save Big Cities.”
  • Fast Company | 3/19/2022 | Professor Amy Webb interview: “3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Try to Plan for the Future.”
  • EdSurge | 3/18/2022 | Professor Kristen Sosulski interview: “Learning How to Blend Online and Offline Teaching.”
  • The New York Times | 3/18/2022 | Joint research from Professor Baruch Lev is cited: “DealBook: In the Papers.”
  • AdAge | 3/17/2022 | Research from the Center for Sustainable Business is referenced: “How Brands Can Achieve the ‘Good Growth’ Consumers Are Seeking.”
  • Brookings Institution | 3/17/2022 | Joint research from Professor Toomas Laarits and Jeffrey Wurgler is spotlighted: “Hutchins Roundup: Tuition Increases, Stimulus Checks, and More.”
  • CGTN America | 3/17/2022 | Professor Nicholas Economides video interview: “The U.S. Federal Reserve’s Impending Decision on Interest Rates.”
  • Fashionista | 3/17/2022 | Professor Thomai Serdari interview: “For Investors, SKIMS is the Rare Sure Thing.”
  • MarketWatch | 3/17/2022 | Commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is included: “‘Where Should I Live and What Am I Going to Do?’ Retirement Advice We’re Not Getting From Financial Advisers.”
  • Variety | 3/17/2022 | Professor Peter Newman interview: “Why Amazon Spent $8.5 Billion to Land MGM, and What’s Next for the Studio Behind James Bond.”
  • WalletHub | 3/17/2022 | Professor Jeff Krawitz interview: “Expert Thoughts on Capital One Savor.”
  • The Hill | 3/16/2022 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett interview: “Russia's War Shines a Light on Social Media's Inconsistencies.”
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation | 3/13/2022 | Professor Arun Sundararajan interview: “Digital Efforts to Help People in Ukraine.”
  • CNN | 3/11/2022 | Professor David Yermack interview: “The U.S. Dollar Could Go Digital. Here's What You Need to Know.”