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Stern in the News | March 23, 2021

Henry Kaufman Management Center
  • Bloomberg | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett op-ed: “Facebook’s New Board Has Incentives to Bring Back Donald Trump.”
  • Financial Times | 3/20/2021 | Professor Russell Winer interview: “University of the People Goes All Out for Accessible MBAs.”
  • The Chronicle Herald | 3/19/2021 | Professor Joost van Dreunen interview: “2K Games Acquires Nova Scotia's HB Studios as Tiger Woods Deal Inked.”
  • Slate | 3/19/2021 | Research from the Center for Business and Human Rights is highlighted: “Federal Judge Uses Dissent to Rant About Liberal Media Bias and ‘Big Tech’ Censorship.”
  • Vogue Business | 3/19/2021 | Professor Adam Alter interview: “Post-pandemic Playbook: The Return to Physical Marketing.”
  • Brookings Institution | 3/18/2021 | New, joint research from Professors Viral Acharya and Robert Engle is spotlighted: “Stocks, Minimum Wages, and More.”
  • Business of Fashion | 3/18/2021 | Professor Cynthia Franklin interview: “Why so Many Fashion Brands are Launching Right Now.”
  • Marketplace | 3/18/2021 | Professor Alexi Savov interview: “Why Some Inflation Measurements Don’t Include Food and Energy Prices.”
  • Phys.org | 3/18/2021 | New, joint research from Professor Andrea Bonezzi is highlighted: “How to Get Customers to Talk About You.”
  • Medium | 3/17/2021 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is featured: “ESG and Financial Performance Positively Correlated, NYU Study Finds.”
  • Bloomberg | 3/16/2021 | Research from Professor Deepak Hegde and insights from Professor Baruch Lev’s book, ‘The End of Accounting,’ are cited: “What Carmakers Need to Tell You About Their Electric Plans.”
  • CNBC | 3/16/2021 | Professor Aswath Damodaran interview: “NYU’s ‘Dean of Valuation’ Says Growth Stocks Have More Room to Fall as Interest Rates Go Higher.”
  • South China Morning Post | 3/16/2021 | Professor Nouriel Roubini interview: “China Digital Currency: US ‘Worried’ as It Falls ‘Behind the Curve’ in Race for Financial Technology Innovation.”
  • Brookings Institution | 3/15/2021 | New, joint research from Professor Robert Seamans and Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Marie Brooks Atkins is cited: “Opportunity Zones Have Had Minor Impact on Labor Markets So Far.”
  • Forbes | 3/15/2021 | Joint research from Professor Adam Brandenburger is cited: “Healthy Channel Ecosystems: Everybody Wins.”
  • Marketplace | 3/15/2021 | Professor David Yermack interview: “P2P Payment Apps Are Booming, Thanks to the Pandemic.”
  • Risk.net | 2/26/2021 | Professor Richard Berner interview: “CFTC Urged to Take Lead on CCP Margin Models.”