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Stern in the News | March 30, 2021

Tisch building
  • ABC News | 3/30/2021 | Professor Haran Segram interview: “What to Know About the SPACs Craze and Why it’s Concerning Economists.”
  • Forbes | 3/29/2021 | Remarks from Professor Dolly Chugh are referenced: “Reexamining Intention: How To Clean Up Your Unintended Impact.”
  • GQ | 3/29/2021 | Commentary from Professor Russell Winer is spotlighted: “Lil Nas X’s Satanic Nikes Are the Latest Salvo in the Sneaker Culture Wars.”
  • Mumbrella | 3/29/2021 | Commentary from Professor Jonathan Haidt is referenced: “‘You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?’ The Playbook for a Meaningful Local Label.”
  • Crunchbase News | 3/26/2021 | Professor Cynthia Franklin interview: “New York Sees Startup Funding Spike in 2021.”
  • MediaPost | 3/26/2021 | Professor Scott Schiller in-depth interview: “Engine's Scott Schiller On Why 2021's Upfronts Should Be Different.”
  • BBN Times | 3/25/2021 | Joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is spotlighted: “China-US Trade: Some Patterns Since 1990.”
  • Bloomberg | 3/25/2021 | Joint research and testimony from Professor Sabrina Howell are highlighted: “Lawmakers Slam Private Equity ‘Octopus’ for Health-Care Strategy.”
  • The New York Times | 3/25/2021 | A co-authored white paper from the Center for Business and Human Rights is highlighted: “How to Check the Economy’s Temperature.”
  • Yahoo Finance | 3/25/2021 | Professor Scott Galloway interview: “How Big Tech Companies Are 'Disingenuous’ About Regulations.”
  • CNN Business | 3/24/2021 | Professor Tom Meyvis interview: “The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp-gate Didn't Have to Go Viral.”
  • National Journal | 3/24/2021 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett interview: “Tech CEOs Become Fixtures on Capitol Hill.” 
  • Phys.org | 3/24/2021 | New, joint research from Professors Anindya Ghose and Hanna Halaburda is featured: “How Blockchain and Machine Learning Can Deliver the Promise of Omnichannel Marketing.”
  • Corporate Secretary | 3/23/2021 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is cited: “Improving Climate Governance Under the Biden Administration.”
  • Forbes | 3/23/2021 | Research from Professor Adam Alter is spotlighted: “How Long Should a Brand Name Be?”
  • Marketplace | 3/22/2021 | Professor Charles Schreger interview: “Movie Theaters Reopen Without Their Biggest Moneymaker: Snacks.”