Faculty News

Stern in the News | March 7, 2023

  • CNBC | 3/3/2023 | Recent commentary from Professor Aswath Damodaran is highlighted: “India’s Supreme Court Sets Up Panel to Investigate Adani Allegations.”

  • PBS | 3/3/2023 | Professor Dolly Chugh interview: “How to Confront Our Nation’s Past.”

  • Marie Claire | 3/2/2023 | Professor Adam Alter interview: “Beauty 3.0.”

  • Yahoo Finance | 3/1/2023 | Professor Robert Seamans interview: “ChatGPT Has the Tech Industry Chasing Hype, But There Are Risks.”

  • Barron’s | 2/28/2023 | Professor Viral Acharya interview: “M2 Money Supply Just Dropped the Most Ever. What That Says About the Fed’s Next Move.”

  • Fast Company | 2/28/2023 | Professor Scott Galloway interview: “How AI Is Making Us More Boring and Less Creative.”

  • Law.com | 2/28/2023 | Professor Michael North interview: “Companies' Push to Attract Millennials Fueling Age-Discrimination Suits.”

  • MIT Sloan Management Review | 2/28/2023 | Professor Melissa Schilling interview: “Will Generative AI Create a New Era of Search Competition?”

  • The Washington Post | 2/28/2023 | Professor Christopher Conlon interview: “‘Don’t Buy Eggs. Buy TVs.’ Electronics Prices Are Defying Inflation.”

  • The Economic Times | 2/27/2023 | Recent commentary from Professor Nouriel Roubini is referenced: “Rhyme & Reason: India Isn't Said to Be a Bright Spot in the Global Economy For Nothing.”

  • The Washington Post | 2/27/2023 | Senior Research Scholar Michael Goldhaber letter to the editor: “ESG Investing Is Not Delivering on Promises.”

  • Fortune | 2/18/2023 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett interview: “The Supreme Court Is About to Hear a Case That Could Upend Protections Big Tech Has Enjoyed For Years.”