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Stern in the News | May 11, 2021

Tisch building
  • ​​​​​​NPR | 5/10/2021 | Professor Joel Hasbrouck interview: “I Came Close to Dying: Wall Street’s Most Photographed Man is Ready for Normalcy.”
  • The Economist | 5/8/2021 | Joint research from Professor Arpit Gupta is highlighted: “A New Age of Suburbanisation Could Be Dawning.”
  • The Globe and Mail | 5/7/2021 | Research from Professor Aswath Damodaran is cited: “Janet Yellen’s Walked-back Comments on Interest Rates Show How Sensitive Markets Are to Any Hint of Policy Shift.”
  • Bloomberg | 5/6/2021 | Professor Scott Galloway podcast interview: “Galloway Calls Out Facebook for 'Non-Decision.’”
  • Business Insider | 5/6/2021 | Commentary from Professor Adam Alter is featured: “Teens Would Rather Break Their Bones Than Lose Their Phones.”
  • Capitalisn’t Podcast | 5/6/2021 | Lord Mervyn King podcast interview: “Capitalisn’t: Worried About Inflation? So is Former Central Banker Mervyn King.”
  • Marketplace | 5/6/2021 | Professor Petra Moser interview: “Hotels Try to Follow Restaurants’ Lead and Hook Consumers on QR Codes.”
  • Retail Dive | 5/6/2021 | Professor Thomai Serdari interview: “ModCloth Changes Hands Once Again.”
  • Bloomberg | 5/5/2021 | Professor Arun Sundararajan video interview: “The Close Digital Full Show.”
  • Food Dive | 5/5/2021 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is cited: “Butterfly Acquires Organic Welfare-focused Egg Producer Pete and Gerry's.”
  • Forbes | 5/5/2021 | Professor Helio Fred Garcia interview: “The 6 Crisis Management Lessons From Peloton’s Delayed Recall of Treadmills.”
  • The Hill | 5/5/2021 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar Paul Barrett interview: “Facebook Board Decision on Trump Ban Pleases No One.”
  • Newsweek | 5/5/2021 | Recent commentary from Professor Lawrence White is highlighted: “Don’t Panic About Slower Population Growth.”
  • Stanford Insights | 5/4/2021 | Joint research from Professor L. Taylor Phillips is featured: “Why People Who Have it Easy Claim They Had it Rough.”
  • MNI | 5/4/2021 | Professor Richard Berner interview: “MNI: Fed Willing To Risk Bubbles To Achieve Jobs, Price Goals.”
  • Baltimore Business Journal | 5/3/2021 | Professor Joshua Ronen interview: “Under Armour Agrees to Pay $9M to Settle SEC Accounting Probe.”
  • Financial Post | 4/23/2021 | Insights from Professor Steve Koonin’s new book, “Unsettled,” are spotlighted: “Terence Corcoran: Read This Book, Then Forget Climate Panic.”