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Stern in the News | May 24, 2022

NYU Stern campus
  • Commercial Observer | 5/23/2022 | Professor Alison Taylor interview: “Picking Office Locations Post-Roe v. Wade: ‘Nobody Wants to Touch It.’”
  • The New York Times | 5/23/2022 | Commentary from Professor Thomas Philippon is cited: “High Gas Prices Are a Problem. But Let’s Not Moralize About It.”
  • Business Insider | 5/22/2022 | Joint research from Professors Theresa Kuchler and Johannes Stroebel is highlighted: “Your Faraway Facebook Friends Who Bought a House May Be Tempting You to Do the Same, in an Irrational Way, Say Researchers Who Analyzed Social-Media Data.”
  • BBC | 5/20/2022 | Professor Sonia Marciano interview: “The Smoke and Mirrors of Unlimited Paid Time Off.”
  • Grid | 5/20/2022 | Professor David Yermack interview: “Getting Paid For a Bad Date: Crypto Is Making It a Thing.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 5/20/2022 | Professor Ingo Walter letter to the editor: “Are ESG Ratings Purely Subjective? Are They Fair?”
  • WWL First News | 5/19/2022 | Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “What's Going on with Cryptocurrency?”
  • Financial Times | 5/18/2022 | Professor Gustavo Schwed interview: “Twitter Deal Leaves Elon Musk With No Easy Way Out.”
  • Mic | 5/18/2022 | Research from the Center for Business and Human Rights is mentioned: “Billionaire Space Boy Says He’s Voting Republican Next Election.”
  • CGTN America | 5/17/2022 | Professor Nicholas Economides video interview: “Global Inflation.”
  • CNBC | 5/17/2022 | Insights from Professor Ari Ginsberg are highlighted: “The 2022 Disruptor 50: How We Chose the List of Companies.”
  • The Prode | 5/17/2022 | Professor Viral Acharya video interview: “Ex-Deputy RBI Governor on Global Inflation.”
  • ThriveLouD podcast | 5/17/2022 | Professor Scott Schiller podcast interview: “Connecting Content.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 5/17/2022 | Professor Michael Posner op-ed “‘Disinformation,’ Silencing and Regulation.”
  • Newsweek | 5/16/2022 | Professor Anat Lechner interview: “Internet Slams 'Entitled' Boss for Not Speaking to Employee Who Resigned.”