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Stern in the News | November 9, 2021

NYU Stern campus
  • Business of Fashion | 11/8/2021 | Professor Thomai Serdari interview: “Inside Neiman Marcus’ Post-Bankruptcy Playbook."
  • Fortune | 11/6/2021 | Professor Jeffrey Younger interview: “Ethical Leadership Requires 6 Qualities—and Mark Zuckerberg Lacks Two of Them, Argues a Management Expert From NYU.”
  • The Atlantic | 11/5/2021 | Commentary from Professor Dolly Chugh is highlighted: “Women and the Liberating Power of No.
  • Business Insider | 11/5/2021 | Recent commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is featured: “Laws Regulating Social Media Haven't Been Updated Since the 90s — Here's What Needs to Change to Break Tech Giants' Power Imbalance.”
  • The Soul of Enterprise podcast | 11/5/2021 | Professor Baruch Lev podcast interview: “Second Interview with Baruch Lev.”
  • The Washington Post | 11/5/2021 | Professor Tensie Whelan interview: “Luxury Ditches the Slash and Burn for Share and Care.”
  • Bloomberg | 11/4/2021 | Professor Arun Sundararajan video interview: “Uber Falls After 4Q EBITDA Outlook Misses Estimates.”
  • Inc. | 11/4/2021 | Research from Professor Adam Alter is cited: “4 Factors Consumers Don't Realize Are Influencing Their Purchase Decisions.”
  • Channel News Asia | 11/3/2021 | Professor Joost van Dreunen interview: “As Pandemic Home Life Eases, EA Should Reach into the Metaverse.”
  • Handelsblatt | 11/3/2021 | Professor Anat Lechner interview: “‘The Pandemic Has Changed the Balance of Power’ - Workers in the U.S. Get More Influence.”
  • Inc. | 11/3/2021 | Professor Lawrence White interview: “Inflation Isn't Going Away Just Yet -- Here's How Businesses Have to Respond.”
  • Forbes | 11/2/2021 | Joint research from Professors Sabrina Howell, Theresa Kuchler and Johannes Stroebel is featured: “How Fintech’s Are Saving Black-Owned Businesses.”
  • IT Pro | 11/2/2021 | Professor and Vice Dean JP Eggers interview: “In Praise of the Early Adopters.”
  • Money.com | 11/1/2021 | Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “5 Crypto Investments That Could Steal the Spotlight from Shiba Inu, According to Experts.”
  • The New York Times | 10/30/2021 | Commentary from Professor Aswath Damodaran is mentioned: “How Should Billionaires be Taxed?”