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Stern in the News | October 20, 2020

NYU Stern campus
  • MarketWatch | 10/20/2020 | Professor Vasant Dhar interview: “Google Antitrust Charges to be Announced by Justice Department.”
  • Business Insider India | 10/19/2020 | Professor Nouriel Roubini Q&A interview: “Nouriel Roubini Talks About the Future of the Global Economy Post COVID-19.”
  • CNN | 10/17/2020 | Professor Scott Galloway video interview: “Can Tech Companies Regulate Misinformation?”
  • Asia Venture Capital Journal | 10/16/2020 | Professor Jihoon Rim feature story: “Profile: Jihoon Rim.”
  • Times Higher Education | 10/16/2020 | Professor Tensie Whelan interview: “Business School Academics: Where is Your Career Going?”
  • Business Insider | 10/15/2020 | Recent commentary from Professor Aswath Damodaran is spotlighted: “The Best Investor in the World? How This Woman Became One of the Richest Self-made Millionaires with a Bet on Tesla.”
  • Business Insider | 10/15/2020 | Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink is cited: “25 Small and Midsize Companies with the Best Work-life Balance, According to Employees.”
  • Discourse | 10/15/2020 | Professor Viral Acharya Q&A interview: “Ideas of India: Fiscal Dominance—A Theory of Everything.”
  • The Hill | 10/15/2020 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director Paul Barrett op-ed: “The Section 230 Fight Congress Should be Having.”
  • MarketWatch | 10/15/2020 | Joint research from Professor Jeffrey Wurgler is mentioned: “Stock Market Weakness is Likely to Persist as Extreme Bullishness is Reaching a Crescendo.”
  • Reuters | 10/15/2020 | Discussion from the Center for Global Economy and Business' recent fireside chat with Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari is featured: “Fed's Kashkari: Recovery Will Be Grinding and Slow Without More Stimulus.”
  • Business Insider | 10/14/2020 | Professor Anindya Ghose interview: “At-home Kits, Online Classes, and Buzzy Campaigns are Affordable Ways to Improve Your Business' Online Shopping Experience This Year.”
  • Phys.org | 10/13/2020 | New, joint research from Professor Gino Cattani is highlighted: “The Interplay Between Status and Social Proximity in Peer Evaluations.”
  • Variety | 10/13/2020 | Professor Peter Newman interview: “Disney’s Streaming Reorganization Cheers Investors but Confuses Insiders.”
  • Wisconsin Public Radio | 10/13/2020 | Professor Arun Sundararajan radio interview: “The Future of the Gig Economy.”
  • McKinsey | 10/6/2020 | Research from Professor Edward Altman is featured: “The Emerging Resilients: Achieving ‘Escape Velocity.’”