Faculty News

Stern in the News | September 15, 2020

Henry Kaufman Management Center
  • Associated Press | 9/15/2020 | Professor Thomai Serdari interview: “Millennial Money: How Frugal Fashionistas Can Stay On Trend.”
  • Forbes | 9/14/2020 | Research from Professor David Yermack is referenced: “Department of Labor, Fiduciary Duty and the Future of Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance.”
  • Quartz India | 9/14/2020 | Professor Anindya Ghose interview: “Apple’s Online Store Plan For India is the Right Move at the Right Time.”
  • Xinhua | 9/14/2020 | Professor Richard Sylla interview: “New York Financial Sector Recovers From Pandemic, Turns More Decentralized, Experts Say.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 9/13/2020 | Research from Professor Pankaj Ghemawat is mentioned: “‘Outside the Box’ Review: New Ways of Going Global.”
  • Atlantico | 9/12/2020 | Professor Thomas Philippon’s book, “The Great Reversal,” is spotlighted: “Ecosystem Locked: Voices Raising Concerns About the Overpowering of Digital Giants.”
  • New York Magazine | 9/11/2020 | Recent commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is highlighted: “Is Sustainable Fashion More Than Just a Trend?”
  • The New York Times | 9/11/2020 | Joint research from Professor Shan Ge is cited: “Even the Threat of a Tougher Rule on Financial Advice Has Helped Investors.”
  • Financial Times | 9/10/2020 | Research from Professor Edward Altman is spotlighted: “How Covid-19 Sparked a Dividend Drought for Investors.”
  • WalletHub | 9/10/2020 | Professor Tom Meyvis Interview: “Ask the Experts: Reward Credit Cards.” 
  • Albany Times Union | 9/9/2020 | Professor Nicholas Economides interview: “Cuomo Pleads for Federal Aid, Some Experts Say New York Should Fix Itself.”
  • Progressive Grocer | 9/9/2020 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is cited: “Sustainability Takes Center Stage.”
  • Quartz | 9/9/2020 | Business and Society Program Business Ethics Scholar Alison Taylor op-ed: “CEOs Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Employee Activism.”
  • The Wall Street Journal | 9/8/2020 | Insights from Professor Dolly Chugh are highlighted: “How to Hold Your Own in Zoom Meetings.”
  • Yahoo Finance | 9/8/2020 | A new report from the Center for Business and Human Rights is highlighted with Center Deputy Director Paul Barrett interview: “Social Media Law Needs Update and Enforcement, Not Repeal, Report Says.”