Faculty News

Stern in the News | September 8, 2021

NYU Stern campus
  • Financial Times | 9/5/2021 | ​​Professor Michael Posner and Center for Business and Human Rights Research Scholar Dorothée Baumann-Pauly are interviewed; Center for Business and Human Rights is highlighted: "Human Rights Climb the Business School Curriculum." 
  • Bloomberg | 9/3/2021 | Commentary from Professor Aswath Damodaran is featured: “Alibaba, Tencent Look Cheap Even with China Crackdown Risks, NYU Professor Says.”
  • Outside | 9/3/2021 | Research from Professors Dolly Chugh and Joe Magee is spotlighted: “What the Men Who Love My Boyfriend Taught Me About Social Hierarchy.”
  • WalletHub | 9/3/2021 | Professor Samuel Craig interview: “Ask the Experts: Best Discover Credit Cards in 2021.”
  • Medium | 9/2/2021 | Insights from Professor Melissa Schilling’s book, “Quirky,” are highlighted: “The Seven Traits of Eight Prominent Innovators According to Melissa Schilling’s Book.”
  • WalletHub | 9/1/2021 | Professor Russell Winer interview: “87 Million Americans Will Look at Cars to Buy this Labor Day Weekend.”
  • Financial Times | 8/30/2021 | Professor Gustavo Schwed interview: “Frictions Arise Between Wall Street and Private Equity Clients.”
  • CNBC | 8/29/2021 | Professor Tensie Whelan interview: “Amazon’s Biggest, Hardest-to-Solve ESG Issue May Be Its Own Workers.”
  • CryptoNews | 8/29/2021 | Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “Why Fiat Currency is More Confusing Than Crypto.”
  • Business Insider | 8/27/2021 | Recent commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is featured: “Facebook Has Been on a Mission to Create a Virtual Reality 'Metaverse' Since 2016 — Here's Why it Won't Work.”
  • Fox News | 8/27/2021 | Current Executive MBA student Will Sheehan (MBA '23) interview: "Former Intelligence Officer on Afghanistan." 
  • WalletHub | 8/27/2021 | Professor Jennifer Itzkowitz interview: “Ask the Experts: Best Quick Loans of 2021.”
  • The Economic History podcast | 8/25/2021 | Professor Richard Sylla podcast interview: “Financial Systems and Growth.”
  • Yahoo Finance | 8/25/2021 | Professor Arun Sundararajan interview: “There’s no end in sight in the fight over how Uber and Lyft classify their workers.”
  • Mashed | 8/24/2021 | Commentary from Professor Tom Meyvis is cited: “The ‘Target Effect’ is Real and You’re Not Alone.”
  • Forbes | 8/24/2021 | Joint research from the Center for Sustainable Business is mentioned: “Nestlé CMO Addresses Consumer Demand for Sustainable Foods.”
  • BBC | 8/23/2021 | Professor Michael North interview: “'Youngism' in the Workplace.”
  • Ethos | 8/23/2021 | Center for Business and Human Rights Research Scholar Dorothée Baumann-Pauly interview: “EV Batteries Are a Recycling Nightmare, Tesla Says It’s Found a Solution.”
  • Institutional Investor | 8/16/2021 | Research from Professor Edward Altman is mentioned: “Did You Think All of That Would Stop Hans Humes?”