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Stern in the News | September 9, 2020

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  • Bloomberg | 9/9/2020 | Lord Mervyn King op-ed: “Will the Fed’s New Approach Make Any Difference?”
  • MIT Technology Review | 9/8/2020 | Center for Business and Human Rights Deputy Director Paul Barrett op-ed, citing a new report from the Center: “Why the Most Controversial US Internet Law is Worth Saving.”
  • Institutional Investor | 9/7/2020 | Research from the Center for Sustainable Business is referenced: “Where ESG Ratings Fail: The Case for New Metrics.”
  • The Economist | 9/5/2020 | Professor Viral Acharya’s book, “Quest for Restoring Financial Stability in India,” is spotlighted: “Two Damning Portrayals of Indian Finance.”
  • Yahoo Finance | 9/4/2020 | Research from Professor Edward Altman is spotlighted: “Investors Wondering if Ford Stock is a Value Trap.”
  • Channel News Asia | 9/3/2020 | Professor Ari Ginsberg video interview: “COVID-19 Hits New York’s Commercial Real Estate Market as Cases Drop.”
  • Financial Planning | 9/3/2020 | Joint research from Professor Shan Ge is mentioned: “Annuities in Coronavirus Slump as VAs Draw Regulatory and Academic Scrutiny.”
  • Forbes | 9/3/2020 | Professor Michael Posner op-ed: “What Facebook Still Needs to Do About the 2020 Elections.”
  • Vox | 9/3/2020 | Recent commentary from Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Marie Brooks Atkins is cited: “The Unintended Consequences of #SupportBlackBusiness.”
  • Brookings Institution Blog | 9/2/2020 | Recent commentary from Professor Kim Schoenholtz is spotlighted: “What Do Changes in the Fed’s Longer-run Goals and Monetary Strategy Statement Mean?”
  • Harvard Business Manager | 9/2/2020 | Professor Pankaj Ghemawat op-ed: “Globalization in the Trump Era.”
  • LexBlog | 9/2/2020 | Professors Yiwei Dou and Joshua Ronen co-authored op-ed: “Securitization, Recourse Uncertainty, and Crash Risk.”
  • Bloomberg | 9/1/2020 | Joint research from Professor Baruch Lev is highlighted: “Research Casts Doubt on ESG’s ‘Widespread’ Outperformance Claims.”
  • Marketplace | 9/1/2020 | Professor Tom Meyvis interview: “Walmart Launching New Service to Compete with Amazon Prime.”
  • SmartBrief | 9/1/2020 | Professor Michael North in-depth Q&A interview: “Myths and Management of the Multigenerational Workforce.”
  • Yahoo Finance | 9/1/2020 | Professor Aswath Damodaran interview: “Are Markets Overvalued Right Now?”
  • Wallethub | 8/31/2020 | Professor Jared Watson Q&A interview: “Ask the Experts: Reward Credit Cards.”
  • Business Insider | 8/28/2020 | Commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is published: “Democrats Should Stick to 3 Themes Instead of Focusing on Trump.”