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Stern UC's Business and Society course and the 10-year anniversary of its capstone project, The Call For Corporate Action, is featured; Prof. Jeffrey Younger and Avery Farm (BS ’21) interviews: "NYU Stern Celebrates Decade of ‘Call For Corporate Action.’”

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Excerpt from Poets & Quants-- "The course is one of four required social impact courses in the undergraduate curriculum at Stern. Stern students are required to take a social impact-focused course each year. Social impact has been baked into the Stern curriculum since 1998 when the school first introduced social impact into undergraduate education. 'It’s the thoughtful spine that runs through the whole undergraduate business education,' Younger says of the required social impact curriculum."
 "[Farm] continued, 'Being an author for The Call gave my ideas a voice. Being an editor for The Call exposed me to issues I had never heard of before and has shown me hundreds of different ways to solve problems. This exercise is incredibly valuable to any business student because solving problems is at the core of what business is. Our authors’ creativity has inspired me to continue searching for ways to improve business’s impact on society well beyond my undergraduate career.'”

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