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Stern's Leadership Accelerator is spotlighted; Professor Nathan Pettit and Adjunct Professor Hannah Levinson are cited with MBA students Nicholas Arroyo, Neha Chopra, Erica Kaplan, Raghav Ramesh, and Jeevan Renjith and their coach, Professor Michael North

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Excerpt from Fortune --  "In a typical case study exercise, students in business school classes are given a brief to read ahead of time along with questions about how they might handle the particular business challenge at hand. But this may not actually be a 'fair test' because students are only reading about the scenario, notes Nathan Pettit, founding director of the NYU Stern Leadership Accelerator, tells Fortune.

"'And frankly, what the student says they would do probably doesn’t approximate what they would actually do if they were faced with that real scenario,' Pettit adds. 'The live case model is one-of-a-kind pedagogical outgrowth of this vision around accelerating experience and having students learn through difficult scenarios.'"

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