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Two-year Full-time MBA student Khalil Romain (MBA '22) in-depth Q&A interview: "2022 Best & Brightest MBA: Khalil Zueh Romain, New York University (Stern)."

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Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "NYU Stern’s greatest differentiating factor has always been the community. When I visited prospective MBA programs, I was extremely sensitive to whether or not I felt like I “fit in.” Every single Sternie who was kind enough to make time to chat with me – which, to be clear, was everyone I contacted – immediately struck me as someone I would love to have in my class, on my team in the office, or even just join me for a drink. The conversations were effortless, and I found myself genuinely having a good time getting to know these folks. When I combined the quality of my cultural fit with the benefit of a smaller class size compared to other programs I was considering, it just felt right. I was confident that I would leave my MBA experience at Stern with an incredible, active network of lifelong friends."

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