Research Center Events

Value Creation Through Responsible Investing

Tisch building

Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Location: NYU Stern, by invitation only

NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (CSB), together with its co-hosts and sponsors, is pleased to present the Private Equity Sustainability Practicum, a day-long convening of GPs, LPs, and portfolio companies to discuss the latest research and learnings on sustainability strategies that drive financial value creation.

Together with leading PE firms and institutional investors, as well as leading associations and non-profits, CSB has developed tools to help uncover how strategic management of material ESG issues can drive improved financial performance of portfolio companies through operational efficiency, risk mitigation, innovation and growth, materials management and more. This conference will provide a deep dive into practical approaches and tools that can help LPs, GPs, and portfolio companies manage sustainability risks and opportunities as part of their business strategy to improve management and performance, not just comply with reporting requirements.

Program highlights include:

  • Keynote address from CSB’s Founding Director, Tensie Whelan on trends and opportunities for sustainable financial value creation by private equity
  • Insights into the market factors driving the upside opportunities for portfolio companies, including consumer demand, B2B demand for climate and circular solutions, and the regulatory incentives 
  • Unveiling CSB’s LP and GP tools that provide a customizable user experience to identify and monetize sustainability strategies that drive financial value creation
  • Exploration of climate-forward private equity tools
  • Panel discussion on labor management and leveraging human capital as a highly valuable asset
  • The challenges and best practices for ESG data management and reporting