Gavin J. Kilduff

Gavin J. Kilduff

Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Kaufman Management Center
44 West Fourth Street, 7-63
New York, NY 10012


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Gavin J. Kilduff is a Professor of Management and Organizations. He teaches courses entitled "Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation," "Negotiation and Consensus Building," and “Advanced Research in Organizational Behavior".

Professor Kilduff's research focuses on rivalry and competition, status dynamics and social intelligence, and play. Specifically, he examines 1) how rivalries develop - among individuals, groups, and organizations - and how they affect competitive behavior and decision-making, 2) how individuals and groups navigate status hierarchies within organizations, and 3) how engaging in non-serious play can benefit individuals, teams, and organizations. Professor Kilduff publishes in the leading management and psychology journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Journal of Applied Psychology.

He has written op-eds for the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review, and his work has been featured in various media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Scientific American, and ESPN.

Professor Kilduff received a B.S. in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

Research Interests

  • Rivalry and Competition
  • Status and Power
  • Play
  • Negotiations

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Research in Organizational Behavior
  • Collaboration, Conflict, and Negotiation
  • Negotiation & Consensus Building

Academic Background

B.S., Computer Science
Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D., Business Administration
University of California, Berkeley

Selected Publications

Yu, S., Kilduff, G. J., & West, T. (2023)
Status acuity: The ability to accurately perceive status hierarchies reduces status conflict and benefits group performance.
Journal of Applied Psychology, 108, 114-137.

To, C., Kilduff, G.J. & Rosikiewicz, B.L. (2020)
When Interpersonal Competition Helps and When It Harms: An Integration via Challenge and Threat
Academy of Management Annals, Vol. 14, No. 02, 1–27.

Yu, S. & Kilduff, G.J. (2020)
Knowing Where Others Stand: Accuracy and Performance Effects of Individuals’ Perceived Status Hierarchies
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 119(1), 159–184.

Kilduff, G. J (2019)
Interfirm relational rivalry: Implications for competitive strategy.
Academy of Management Review, 44, 775-799.

To, C., Kilduff, G. J., Ordoñez, L., & Schweitzer, M. (2018)
Going for it on fourth down: Rivalry increases risk- taking, physiological arousal, and promotion focus.
Academy of Management Journal, 61, 1281-1306

Kilduff, G.J., Galinsky, A.D., Gallo, E. & Reade, J.J. (2016)
Whatever it Takes to Win: Rivalry Increases Unethical Behavior.
Academy of Management Journal.

Kilduff, G.J. (2014)
Driven to Win: Rivalry, Motivation, and Performance.
Social Psychological and Personality Science, 5, 944-952.

Kilduff, G. J. and Galinsky, A. D. (2013)
From the Ephemeral to the Enduring: How Approach-Oriented Mindsets Lead to Greater Status
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 105, 816-831.