MBA Fellow Analyzes Recycling Engagement Data for Nespresso’s B2B Clients

Sejal Mali Headshot

During the summer of 2023, Sejal Mali (MBA '24) interned as an NYU Stern MBA Sustainability Fellow at Nespresso. Read on to learn more about her time there:


Name: Sejal Mali

Year: 2024

Specialization: Leadership and Change Management, Global Business and Strategy


I interned at the B-Corp certified coffee company Nespresso on their sustainability team. Nespresso is known for their sustainability and human rights initiatives in the coffee space so I was very excited to apply and intern at the company. 


My role as the sustainability intern included working with many teams including the B2B team, the sales team, the C level executives, and marketing. My main project for the 10 week internship was to analyze recycling engagement data for Nespresso’s B2B Clients across the last 5 years. Nespresso’s B2B clients include major hotel chains, universities, and companies. I used a lot of tools like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Power BI to analyze recycling trends. 


The excel data consisted of millions of rows of contractual data, and I spent a few weeks doing data clean up, reconciling data, and combining sales and recycling data. Once I had cleaned up data, I analyzed data to find trends across industries and over the last few years. I then built out data visualizations to provide a high level overview to present out to the team for my final presentation. While this was my major project for the summer, I had other smaller projects that included planning a visit to Nespresso’s recycling and composting facility, and conducting research on commuting trends and carbon emissions post pandemic. 


The internship at Nespresso was very helpful and informative because I developed a lot of skills around data analysis and research that I did not have much experience with from my previous jobs. I’ve learned from my time at Stern and through networking that analysis and data are very important as we are moving to a more data driven world. I am using a lot of the skills from my internship in my classes and group projects to develop better insights and strategies. 


I also developed a lot of soft skills such as cross functional communication and presentation skills. I was able to leverage experience from classes such as Management Communications and previous jobs on how to share high level data to executives in an easy to comprehend format. 


Overall, I had a great time interning at Nespresso and learned a new area of business and developed business skills. I highly recommend the fellowship to other Sternies!