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Lower Manhattan

NYU Stern MBA Orientation

Welcome to NYU Stern

While each of you has chosen a particular MBA program path, together you all share this moment of incredible promise and potential as the newest members of the NYU Stern MBA community. You are about to embark on a transformative experience — with the support of your new MBA classmates right alongside you.

During your time at Stern, a speaker, a team project, a professor, a classmate or something yet to be imagined can change the course of your future — send you on a thrilling new path, spark an idea or reinvigorate a vision you've had all along.  

Being open to pursuing the unforeseen takes ability, agility and confidence — exactly what the world needs from business leaders now.  Nowhere but at NYU Stern will leaders like you learn to balance deeply held values with the skill to ask the right questions, elevate and evolve your thinking, collaborate, take calculated risks and ultimately, thrive.

Consult your program section for your specific MBA orientation details.  You will attend some modules with your program classmates, and others together with the entire incoming full-time MBA community.

This is more than just an orientation. It’s time to reorient your thinking.