New Sustainability Module launching Spring 2024 for NYU Langone Students


CSB is thrilled to share a new Sustainable Business hybrid module for Langone students that emphasizes the connection and multidisciplinary approach of sustainability for competitive advantage, marketing, and sustainable finance. Led by some of Stern’s star faculty, this five-week module will give students a toolkit with which to understand and make the business case for sustainable business through practical frameworks and holistic understanding.

Specifically designed to maximize elective credits and content in a short time, the module includes two weeks of asynchronous work bookending one week of intensive in-person classes at Stern, offering an opportunity to have an immersive experience and get to know your classmates in person.


The Sustainable Business module (INTA-GB 3402.V1) includes the following classes for which students will receive a total of 4.5 credits: 


Sustainability for Competitive Advantage: Alison Taylor 
BSPA-GB 2105 

Students will develop the knowledge, skills, and perspective needed to understand and address environmental and social challenges in business so that as future leaders, students can reduce risk, create competitive advantage, and develop innovative services, products and processes, all while building value for society and protecting the planet. 


Sustainable Finance: Innovation and Trends in Capital Markets: Cristiano Zazzara 

FINC-GB 2160

This course explores the interplay of sustainability and finance and the related risks and opportunities. Examples of how ESG factors are incorporated into investing, lending and insurance will be provided with focus on impact through an analysis of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that provide a framework for companies and investors. Climate change, water risk, gender diversity and corporate governance will be analyzed in depth, highlighting societal and financial impacts over longer term horizons. 


Marketing & Sustainability: Bryan Bollinger 
MKTG-GB 2103

Sustainable marketing is the process of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers in such a way that both environment and human capital are preserved or enhanced throughout. This course provides tools and frameworks for understanding how business can interact with issues related to sustainability through a marketing perspective. Students will examine how traditional marketing strategies can be incorporated or modified so that the role of firms and customers are accounted for along with government, nonprofits, employees and other stakeholders. 

Enroll via Albert for Spring 2024 and reach out to on course selection or to for additional information on class content.