Stern Recruitment Eligibility

Stern Recruitment for Full-Time Roles refers to a specific set of full-time opportunities offered and/or conducted in partnership with Stern’s Careers Team. These opportunities -- which include recruiting events, full-time job postings, and interviews -- support the entry-level MBA recruiting strategies of specific organizations. In comparison, real-time, experienced hire full-time and part-time opportunities are always available to all Stern MBAs and alumni throughout the year through your Career Account. To learn more about what makes Stern Recruitment distinct from the opportunities already broadly available to the Langone student body, please watch this short video (accessible to current students only) in its entirety.

Please note: graduating students, including those enrolled in the Langone Program, are NOT eligible to participate in any Stern Recruitment events for summer internships. Summer internships are only available to first-year students in the two-year, full-time MBA program. Current employment status does not change eligibility requirements for any career services.

To gain access to Stern Recruitment for Full-Time Roles, Langone students, in their graduating year, must complete a set of IGNITE eligibility requirements. These requirements are emailed to Langone students in the Jan/Feb prior to the respective recruiting season.

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