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Other NYU Students

This page is a resource for Other NYU Students or NYU Students Outside of Stern Undergraduate College interested in Stern Undergraduate coursework, programs, or opportunities.

New Announcements:

Registration for J-Term/Summer: Non-Stern students are eligible to enroll in J-Term/Summer offerings of Stern coursework. Enroll as normal through Albert, as long as there is space in the course and you meet the prerequisites!

Registration for Fall 2024:

  • Questions about enrolling in Stern coursework for the Fall semester? RSVP here for the upcoming Live Registration Webinar on April 4th with Stern Advisers!
  • Are you a senior graduating at the end of the Fall 2024 semester? If you need one or two specific Stern courses to finish your program, you will be able to fill out the Graduating Senior Request Form starting the week of March 25th. For timely review, requests must be submitted at least a week in advance of registration week. **This form will stop accepting requests at noon on 4/16. After this time students should enroll via the normal enrollment process timeline per the Open Access List.**

Enrollment into Stern Coursework

If you are a student in Other NYU divisions and are interested in taking Stern courses, you can refer to the Open Access list (updated each semester around a month before registration week). You can use this list to know:

  1. Which Stern classes are open to you (if the course or section isn’t on the list, it is not open to Other NYU divisions) 
  2. What the course prerequisites or class standing requirements are
  3. The date that you are eligible to begin enrolling for the class (Open Access Date)

You will be able to directly enroll, space permitting, on the Open Access date, but will also be able to enroll on an Open Access Waitlist once your enrollment appointment has begun. If there is room in the course on the Open Access date, any students on the Open Access waitlist will be automatically enrolled (as long as it will not put you over the Term maximum for credits and will not cause a time conflict with existing enrollments). For instructions on how to register or use functions within Albert like waitlist or edit swap, please refer to the Albert Help Guides or contact the Registrar's office.

Cross-School Minors

Stern has partnered with other schools to create multiple cross school minor programs, these are programs that combine coursework from a variety of departments and schools. While Stern only directly oversees the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology Minor (BEMT), we are involved in multiple others:

If you are interested in any of the above minors, you can review the associated minor requirement pages linked above. For questions regarding the Stern coursework required for any of our cross-school minor programs, you can reach out to our team at or attend an ARC Cross School Advising session. For questions regarding the policies or overall minor requirements, you should contact the listed point person on each linked minor page.

For the above minors, some require or accept core Stern business courses towards the minor. As such, each semester specific sections of those core business courses are set aside for Other NYU divisions. Be sure to check Albert and the Open Access List for information on which sections are appropriate for you.

*Please note that it is the student's responsibility to track their own progress for any of the above minors, using the posted requirement pages as guides and contacting the appropriate minor contact when questions arise.*

Attend an ARC Cross-School Advising Session

If you have a question about enrollment into Stern courses or pursuing a Stern Cross School Minor, you can meet with a Stern adviser during ARC Cross School Advising Hours via Zoom. If you are unable to make the ARC Cross School Advising hours, you can direct your questions to: 

Stern Advising
(212) 998-4020

When emailing, you should provide the following information: University ID # (ex. N12345678)  and if your question is specific to a course, you should also provide the course title, catalog number, and the section number if appropriate (ex. MKTG-UB 1-001 Intro to Marketing). If you have a question about whether Stern classes are applicable to your degree program, please consult your home school.

Visiting Students at Stern Undergraduate College

If you are a Visiting Student, any and all questions should be directed to your adviser at University Programs:

University Programs Advising

Alternatively, please visit their website at Visiting Students at NYU.

Prospective Students for Stern Undergraduate College (including Incoming First-Year Students and Transfers)

Thank you for your interest in applying to Stern Undergraduate College!

For Prospective Students (both Internal and External Transfers and Incoming First-Year Students), any and all questions you may have regarding applications and course requirements should be directed to the NYU Undergraduate Admissions Office. Please feel free to reach out to the Admissions Team to chat with an Admissions Officer.

For Prospective Internal and External Transfer Students, you are encouraged to review the Transfer Applicant section of the Admissions website, including the Additional Program Requirements area.

NYU x NYU / Stern

The NYU x NYU / Stern program offers NYU undergraduates the chance to leave their mark on the business world through the MBA program at NYU Stern. To be eligible, students must be in their final year of undergraduate study at College of Arts and Science, Tandon School of Engineering, Global Liberal Studies, Stern School of Business, or Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, have a 3.50 or higher cumulative GPA, and be in good standing with NYU. To enroll, admitted students will submit an abbreviated application within 2-5 years of graduation upon receiving qualified work experience and will receive a $10,000 Early Advancement Award to be applied to their Full-time MBA tuition upon enrolling at NYU Stern. To learn more, please visit our website and sign up to receive updates.