Diverse Pathways in Academia

NYU Stern’s Diverse Pathways in Academia (DPA) invites doctoral candidates in their penultimate year to participate in a unique program exploring academic careers in a business school settting.

The Leonard N. Stern School of Business invites talented scholars of color and others underrepresented in business scholarship to participate in the inaugural year of our Diverse Pathways in Academia program. Many of our faculty members hold doctorates in fields such as psychology, sociology, statistics, mathematics, computer science and other non-business subjects. They have found a stimulating and satisfying academic community at Stern. This reflects the wide range of opportunities at business schools for individuals with doctorates in other fields. For instance, many psychology and sociology scholars investigate topics of great relevance and importance to management research and practice such as identity, emotions, groups, diversity, person perception, and a wide range of other topics. Similarly, many cognitive psychology and social psychology scholars investigate topics, judgment and decision making, for example, that are highly relevant to the field of marketing, which includes the study of consumer behavior and decision-making. For Diverse Pathways in Academia 2020, we invite eligible psychology and sociology scholars to apply.

Diverse Pathways in Academia is a two day event on January 23 and 24, 2020, at NYU Stern's campus in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood.  It offers participants the opportunity to engage with NYU Stern faculty, deans and senior administrators to: 

  • Learn how their fields of study can be applied to business scholarship;
  • Learn about the scholarly life of the business school faculty; 
  • Learn best practices to prepare for the faculty recruitment, application, interview and selection process;
  • Learn best practices for cultivating job prospects, how to negotiate job offers, and how to decide what position is right for you; and
  • Network formally and informally with Stern faculty and graduate students working in areas related to program participants’ respective fields of study. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their current and future research interests with faculty mentors and to receive guidance on the potential fit between their interests and business school environments 
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