Fellowship Programs

Customize your MBA Experience through a unique summer internship experience 

NYU Stern Fellowships provide students with support to customize their MBA education through a unique summer internship. In addition to a stipend, student’s partake in a cohort based experience leveraging key pieces of the experiential learning process. Through these resources, students are equipped with the tools needed to be thoughtful in creating the specific summer internship that support them in their long term career goals. 
  • Summer Ventures Fellowship (SVF): SVF Fellows are equipped with the tools needed to advance a venture idea of their own. In addition to financial support, students are assigned executive mentors and spend part of their summer in Silicon Valley. 
  • Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF) : SIIF fellows are equipped witht the tools needed to navigate the social enterprise internship search. Through financial support, students are able to leverage their MBA degree to create impact in a non-profit, goverment agencies or for-profit social enterprises.