Stern Partners

Partners at Stern
Stern strives to create a welcoming environment for partners and families of Stern graduate students. 

Students are welcome to join any graduate student club they choose. Partners can usually join social or special-interest clubs, but admissions is up to each club’s policies, so any questions can be emailed to the club management directly. Stern clubs are organized in the website CampusGroups, where you can see events calendars, pay dues, and manage memberships. Students can log in with their NetID (ex:abc123) and password, and partners can register a new account by:
  • Go to CampusGroups
  • Next to CampusGroups Labs, click the “Join” button
  • Check the unchecked box and click “Join”
  • Click “Register on CampusGroups”
  • Fill in your personal information
  • For Account Type, select “Guest”
  • For Year of Graduation, select your student’s year of graduation
  • Copy the code sent to your entered email, paste it into the CampusGroups page, and click Submit
  • Join the Stern Partners Campus Group!
Partners Club - Partners are highly encouraged to join Partners Club to get connected with each other. See instructions above to register and join via Campus Group. In addition, Partners are encouraged to join the Partner communities on Facebook and GroupMe.
Special Interest Clubs

Social Media Groups 
Students and Partners each have several social media groups to help them get acquainted with their new communities. To find your Facebook community, search for “NYU Stern [Full/Part-time] MBA Class of [Graduating Year]”. Clubs and student groups also have social media profiles, which can be found on their individual club pages on CampusGroups.

Campus Navigation 
To learn the locations of Stern buildings, check out the campus map here. Try searching for the two adjacent Stern Buildings: KMC and Tisch (two locations will appear for Tisch - the one on Broadway is the Arts School, and that building is where the NYU busses stop).

Campus Safety
Because NYU is in the middle of Manhattan, there is tight security in and around all university buildings. All student areas are protected by security guards and often turnstiles that require NYU ID cards for entry. An NYU ID card is necessary for entrance to both Stern buildings. Partners and family members can sign in as guests using a government issued photo ID. If any student or affiliated member of NYU (includes partners and families) feels unsafe on campus, they can call NYU Public Safety at +1 (212) 998-2222. Safe Ride, an on-call transportation service, is also available to students and their families.