Leadership Fellows


Leadership Fellows is an innovative group mentorship program for MBA2s and MBA3s with strong leadership and entrepreneurial aspirations. The program offers the opportunity to develop personally and professionally through conversations with successful entrepreneurs, roundtable discussions, and the support of the program Chair.

Fellows will learn from one another, from the program Chair, and from guest C-level speakers in an intimate, candid, and revealing environment.

The program goal is to exit Leadership Fellows with a far greater sense of ourselves and our personal power to achieve. We will meld the professional and personal aspects of our lives into a seamless, purposeful construct, one that is fully ready to take on the post-Stern challenges each of us will face.

The program has three pieces:
  • monthly one-on-one sessions with the program Chair where we review key issues as well as monthly development exercises
  • group gatherings for sharing each fellow's skill building exercise and individual issues
  • a guest C-level speaker presentation each month; a remarkly revealing and candid session. Our guests share insights on leadership, work/life balance, risk-taking, personal differentiation and how to deal with success and failure

Leadership Fellows is:
  • a deep bond within the group over a full year of engagement
  • a personal commitment to being present and fully engaged for 100% of our program dates
  • an incredibly reach and revealing journey that will stick you for years to come
Leadership Fellows 15-16