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Dual Degrees

Dual MBA with HEC School of Management

NYU Stern has a tremendous international presence, offering students countless opportunities to gain a global perspective during their MBA studies.

Dual Degree: Dual MBA with HEC School of Management

Program Structure
Admission to the Dual MBA with HEC Program
Tuition & Financial Aid
Career Services
Student Life

The aim of this unique program is to provide students with rigorous business training in an international setting. Students are presented with the rare opportunity to benefit from the business excellence and extensive networks of two highly respected institutions. Participants may begin their studies at either institution and are awarded both the NYU Stern MBA and the HEC MBA upon successful completion of the program.

Program Structure

Participants may begin at either institution. Those beginning in the full-time NYU Stern MBA program complete the Core Phase at Stern, normally from mid-September to mid-May, and integrate the equivalent second year at HEC. Conversely, those completing the second portion of their studies at NYU Stern enter directly into electives, normally from September to mid-May. During the Personalized Phase/Electives, dual degree participants follow the same course structure and are expected to carry a full load.

To view a sample schedule, visit the MBA Academic Affairs website.

Admission to the Dual MBA with HEC Program

Full-time Stern MBA students may apply to participate in the dual degree program during their first year at Stern and will work with MBA Academic Advising on this process.

HEC MBA students may apply during their first year at HEC to participate in the dual degree program. If you are currently enrolled at HEC and would like to apply to NYU Stern, please follow the directions below.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2024

Notification: April 1, 2024

Applicants must apply using our Dual Degree Application.

These are the application components:

Interviews with NYU Stern are by invitation only. You will be notified on or before April 1 if you are invited to interview.

NYU Stern retains absolute and independent control over admissions. There is no obligation to accept an HEC student. The admissions criteria for HEC students are the same as those used to admit applicants to NYU Stern.

Admitted HEC students receive the same admissions considerations, processes and services that are provided to entering students including the student visa processing.

Individuals who already hold an MBA from Stern or HEC are not eligible for admission to the dual degree program.

Dual MBA with HEC School of Management applicants cannot apply to NYU Stern using the Consortium application.

Tuition & Financial Aid

HEC students pay the full-time tuition and fees to the NYU Stern Bursar at the rate set by NYU Stern and according to the Bursar Schedule for their second year.

NYU Stern students who attend HEC in their second year are not eligible for the traditional financial aid programs they receive at NYU Stern. However, they may apply for Federal Stafford loans, HEC need-based and merit-based scholarships and the HEC loan program. NYU Stern students who receive 2-year awards (e.g., Consortium Fellows and Dean's Scholars) may not use their scholarship funds at HEC.

HEC students that attend NYU Stern for the second year are eligible for the same financial aid assistance as second-year Stern MBA students. U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents may apply for the full cost of attendance using Federal Stafford loans and private or alternative loans. International students may be able to apply for private loans.

There are no need-based grants given to any NYU Stern student; however, HEC students will be considered for our merit-based donor awards. No application is necessary, as all second-year students are automatically considered. HEC students may also obtain a Teaching Fellowship (TF) or Graduate Assistantship (GA) position at Stern. Payment for these positions is in the form of tuition remission.

View more information on Stern MBA financial aid.

Career Services

HEC students who attend NYU Stern in their second year will receive full access to the Careers Team beginning after their required career orientation meeting with a career coach in late August. This includes:

  • One-on-one career coaching
  • Daily “Open Hour” for quick career-related questions
  • Personalized online career portal with access to career fairs, job postings and workshops
  • Self-assessment tools
  • Career Resource Hub with hundreds of MBA-specific materials

Students will also be eligible to gain access to On-Campus Recruiting for full-time, post-graduation roles upon completing a set of preparation requirements, including converting the resume into the NYU Stern format and undergoing a resume review and mock interview with a career coach. The On-Campus Recruiting season takes place in September-November and includes corporate presentations, coffee chats and on-campus interviews. 

Students who will be studying on a visa should review the work authorization guidelines outlined by NYU’s Office of Global Services.

HEC students who participated in a summer internship will be asked to report this information to the Careers Team to be included in internal offer databases shared by the Stern community. 

Dual degree graduates will also have access to lifetime resources, benefits and services available to alumni of both NYU Stern and HEC.

Student Life

Dual Stern/HEC students are encouraged to become active in student life at both institutions. There are numerous student clubs and organizations at both Stern and HEC that add depth to the academic experience.