Reflection on the 2024 Sustainability Career Boot Camp with HSBC


The annual Sustainability Career Boot Camp, hosted by the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, provides Stern undergraduate students with an intensive training program to prepare them for a variety of sustainability-oriented careers. In February 2024, we partnered with HSBC for an engaging boot camp with a hands-on introduction to skills & internship opportunities in sustainable finance with a deep dive into the just transition to a low carbon economy.


To learn more about the boot camp, read Julia Niehaus' reflection below.


Julia Niehaus
BS '26
Concentration: Finance and Sustainable Business 


This year's bootcamp was an interactive insight into the world of sustainable business. HSBC showed us how they're adjusting to growing sustainability incentives, followed by a panel of sustainability investors that walked us through their day-to-day. Us participants got an in-depth explanation of different aspects of the ever-growing field. We then had a Q&A panel of Stern Alumni, working in a range of fields from ESG consulting to startup work. This was my favorite part, the raw insights we heard were invaluable. Lastly, we had a simulation activity led by a Columbia University professor. In teams, we acted as different stakeholders involved in an energy-efficient project, demonstrating the complexities and nuances of sustainable business. We shared laughs and learned a lot about the multifaceted process. The open networking at the end allowed us to talk to professionals that we connected with, and I had a meaningful conversation with several attendees. One cool trend that I noticed among the panelists and guests was that since many sustainability-faced careers require constant learning of new initiatives and policy, several professionals keep a spreadsheet of all new sustainability news that they update daily.


Overall, I was very impressed with the level of depth, interaction, and vulnerability that we received.