In honor of Valentine’s Day 2012, the Office of Development & Alumni Relations presented the sixth annual installment of “Stern Sweethearts”- a profile of couples who met during their time here at Stern.

Natalia Schargorodsky (MBA '03) and Pablo Kralj (MBA '03)

Stern Sweethearts 2012 - Kralj

As told by Pablo: Natalia and I started our MBA in August 2001 and destiny placed us both in Block 1! After the terrible 9/11 episode, the School was closed for academic purposes for almost a week, but we spent several days with classmates preparing sandwiches for the rescue workers at Ground Zero and calling the families of Stern students to let them know that their sons and daughters were fine. That experience, although very difficult, was very important for us. The opportunity the school gave us to help out during that trying time definitely helped us as foreign students to spend those days in New York, away from our friends and families.

Later on we started to study together, preparing exams and group homework. Every day we spent more time together until one day, after spring break 2002, we decided to move in together. A few weeks later, we got engaged and decided to travel around Southeast Asia during the summer.

After completing our MBAs in 2003, Natalia needed to go back to Argentina for family reasons and I decided to go and support her during that difficult time.

Fortunately things got better, and I got a great job at L´Oreal in Buenos Aires. In March 2004 we got married in Buenos Aires and celebrated that unforgettable moment with our families and friends.

Since then, we decided to stay in Buenos Aires and in March 2009 our lovely baby girl, Uma, was born making us very, very happy!

We always love to go back to New York, spend some time around the Stern campus remembering the wonderful time we spent together during our MBA studies. The Stern experience changed our careers for the better, but most importantly, gave us a fantastic family to complete our lives. Thanks Stern!!

Grishma Parekh (BS '02) and Sidharth Mudeshwar (BS '02)

Stern Sweethearts 2012 - Parekh

As told by Grishma: Stern isn't the quintessential breeding ground for a love story, but it is where ours began. Despite having many mutual friends, Sid and I didn't meet until late our sophomore year. When we finally did, the afternoon after finals, we were over at a friend's dorm room in Carlyle Court. I was actually surprised by Sid, who I had heard such tall tales about. He was tall, quiet and totally disinterested in me (or so I thought). Fortunately for him, that blasé attitude actually intrigued me. Over the coming weeks (and because of a few persistent, intuitive friends), Sid and I found ourselves spending a lot more time together. And, like they say, the rest is history. From that day forward, he has been one of the most steadfast figures in my life and helped to define my college experience.

After graduating, we both began our careers, he went on to earn his masters at the University of Virginia and spent time abroad for work. I stayed true to my New York roots and settled into Wall Street. Through it all our love never wavered but evolved alongside us. Almost ten years later, Sid proposed to me while on vacation in St. Marteen. We were married in June 2009 at Oheka Castle. It was an amazing day and a sort of Stern reunion. Today, we still call New York City our home.

I am forever grateful to NYU and Stern for everything I have learned, for who I have become and for giving me the love of my life (and one day, a Stern baby).

Sapna Patel Nurick (BS '06) and Michael Nurick (BS '06)

Stern Sweethearts 2012 - Nurick

As told by Sapna and Michael: Back in November 2006, an overworked, investment banker that hadn't seen the light of day for a while (Michael) was coerced by a friend to attend his friend's birthday party. When Michael arrived and scanned the room, the birthday girl (Sapna) caught his eye. Thereafter for a few months, Michael would coincidentally turn up wherever Sapna was. Turns out they both attended NYU Stern for undergrad and had a lot of common friends, so it didn't seem too weird, but with three non-discrete, scheming friends (Marc Kaadi, Shaun Mehtani, Kate Totaro), Sapna eventually found out this guy had a crush on her.

In January 2007, after trying many ways to connect with Sapna, Michael finally worked up the nerve to ask her out. Their first date was at the MoMA where Michael was a member. Sapna knowing she had the "upper hand" of sorts was cool and casual while Michael was unnaturally quiet, but after a few glasses of wine at The Modern, he started spilling many details that were not first date discussion points. Nonetheless, Michael asked for the second date and Sapna accepted thinking "Sure, he was awkward but he's a really nice guy (plus he looked really cute in the FB pic of him playing the guitar)."

By February 2007, all mixed signals from Sapna to Michael had dissipated. By March, they proclaimed their love for each other. Quick yes, but when you know, you know...

The couple married in April 2011, and currently live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and still have plenty of awkward moments together.

Tracy Ogin (MBA '10) and Jeremy Stern (MBA '10)

Stern Sweethearts 2012 - Stern

As told by Jeremy: I spotted Tracy at Fiddlesticks bar in the West Village of Manhattan during an orientation event for NYU Stern's MBA program in August 2008.

Exactly how I spotted her is a bit of a mystery, considering her size and that she was standing next to a 6' 4" classmate at the bar. However, from the moment I met her and started talking to her I knew we had something special. Her personality literally exploded out of her diminutive frame and I soon learned that we shared many characteristics: we were both passionate, fun-loving, outspoken, and held our closest friends near and dear to our respective hearts. After spending more and more time together, discretely during the first semester and less discretely after we both “coincidentally” returned from Jamaica over winter break with nice a tan, I quickly knew our lives would be intertwined; either because I was falling madly in love with her or because she was going to drive me insane and to the point of murder! Fortunately (for both of us) we were and still are absolutely crazy about each either.

I surprised Tracy in late November 2010 by proposing on Saturday afternoon when we were watching an Ohio State football game with my family. It was a random moment in the game, I left the room briefly and when I came back I totally surprised Tracy (and my entire family) by proposing. It was really special to have the whole family there to welcome Tracy.

As much fun as we had during the first two years of our relationship, basking in the relaxation of business school, we've really enjoyed and relied on each other's support to get us through a hectic return to the real world. After months of wedding planning culminated with an amazing evening in late September 2011, we immediately started gut renovations on an apartment we bought in the city. We can't wait to finally move, exhale, and reflect on the fun times we had at NYU and the exciting times that lay ahead of us as we reconnect with all of our Sternie friends and one day (though not too soon) start our own family.

Sandy L. Teper (BS '85) and Jeffrey A. Teper (BS '86

Stern Sweethearts 2012 - Teper

As told by Sandy: Jeff and I met as University Scholars at BPA (now known as the Undergraduate College at Stern) in September 1982 when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore. We were both fortunate to attend NYU because of a financial scholarship. We didn't really speak until the fall of the next year when I was taking a course in Machine Language and we had to use the school's brand new PC lab which was off the lobby of Ticsh Hall. I had never used a PC before and noticed Jeff in the lab working on another machine so I went over and asked him where the power switch was. Those were my first words to him! We didn't really click until the following January when the Scholars took their annual trip which somehow we talked the dean into scheduling to Rio de Janeiro. Jeff roomed with a good friend of mine. I remember he got really sick from the water and when he was finally feeling better, I treated him to a burger in the restaurant of the hotel and we have been inseparable ever since.

From that point on we took as many classes together as we could since we were both in the same major. We spent many classes passing notes (this was pre-texting) back in between learning about database systems or financial statements. We continued to date as we both graduated from BPA and through our New York City work years. In 1988, we both left the city to get our MBAs. Jeff went to Harvard and I went to Dartmouth. We returned to New York and were married there in 1991. In early 1992, we moved to Seattle and both went to work for Microsoft. Jeff is still there and I left in 1995 when our first child was born. Life has been great out here and we return to New York to visit family. It seems like yesterday we were studying for finals together amongst the stacks at Bobst Library and now our oldest is planning her college journey.

We have many fond memories of NYU and are proud to support the Scholars program so others can have the special educational and life experience we had!