In honor of Valentine’s Day 2013, the Office of Development & Alumni Relations presented the seventh annual installment of “Stern Sweethearts”- a profile of couples who met during their time here at Stern.

Lisa Cohn (MBA '08) and David Cohn (MBA '07)

Stern Sweethearts 2013 - Cohen

As told by Lisa and David: In the summer of 2005, David moved back to New York to begin working towards his MBA at NYU Stern. Midway through his first year, a friend reached out to him and asked if he would sit down with her friend Lisa to talk about Stern.

By early 2006, Lisa had decided to leave her job and pursue an MBA. She narrowed her choices down to NYU's Stern and Duke's Fuqua in North Carolina, but was torn on where to go. Her friend Nicole suggested she speak with David. Fearing the possible relocation to North Carolina of one of her best friends, Nicole gave David strict instructions to do everything he could to convince Lisa to stay in New York and attend NYU. After five minutes meeting with Lisa, David realized he might have a vested interest in keeping her in New York as well.

David must have learned something in his first year at Stern. He proved successful in marketing both the school and himself. Lisa started the fall 2006 semester at NYU Stern with a boyfriend.

After her graduation, Lisa moved to Sydney for six months as part of her rotational program at Citigroup. The distance did not keep us apart and in fact brought us closer together. Soon after her return in early 2009, we moved into an apartment, keeping close proximity to Stern with a view of the Washington Square arch from our terrace. We were married this past June at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, surrounded by family and friends (and plenty of Sternies!).

Although we graduated a year apart, our Stern experiences were very much intertwined. Together we developed lasting friendships with classmates and their spouses and built great memories of our time on campus with the Stern and NYU community. Our experiences at Stern, while at times independent given the year lag in school, turned out to be strong foundation for a lifetime as one. We have already started to grow our family with the addition of our brindle French bulldog, Lily, and you can often find the three of us out for a stroll near campus.

Nicole Escano (BS '07) and Mario Escano (BS '07)

Stern Sweethearts 2013 - Escano

As told by Nicole: Mario and I met the summer before freshman year during a pre-undergrad summer program. Being both Finance majors and living in the same summer dorm (7th Street) there was plenty of time to get to know one another. Before we knew it, the Fall semester at NYU Stern was in full swing and we were spending all of our time together. Naturally our friendship turned into something more and we continued to lean on each other through our entire undergrad career. Whether it was studying together in the LC lounge, breaking for lunch at Kimmel, or exploring the streets of NYC, these are memories that we will never forget. We were also lucky to have the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, which brought us closer as we learned Italian, enjoyed delicious food and wine, lived in NYU's gorgeous Villa La Pietra, and travelled across various countries in Europe.

Then, in 2007, we took our relationship into the real world, both starting our careers at separate investment banks. Through the ups and downs in this industry we have always been able to count on each other for support and have had the privilege to work in the same city. This held especially true when both our jobs had us temporarily relocate to London, allowing us once again to experience a new place together.

Four years later, we found ourselves walking through Washington Square Park back at NYU after dinning at a nearby restaurant. Just as we walked under the arch, Mario got down on one knee in the place where it all began and asked me to marry him. It was so fitting that we would move on to the next chapter in our lives in a place that brought back so many fond memories. At our wedding last summer, it was great to share our love with all of our friends and family and especially reunite with all of our classmates that were there from the start.

Our relationship began in the streets and halls of NYU and for that we are forever grateful.

Michelle Madden (MBA '10) and Christian Grewell (BA '07, MBA '10)

Stern Sweethearts 2013 - Madden and Grewell

As told by Christian: Though we started Stern in the same core group in the fall of 2007, it wasn't until the end of the spring semester that we officially first met. During a CIA recruitment seminar, she caught me looking at her from across the room (it turns out I'm not very clandestine). A few weeks later at a core group beach volleyball game she let me play on her team and taught me the technique behind her serve. I remember getting a ride together afterwards and convincing her to stay in touch with the promise of an introduction to a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend.

As told by Michelle: When fall rolled around, we were in the same corporate finance class. Between NPV calculations and capital structure reviews, we planned after class happy hours (even though that friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend introduction never happened). We were becoming really good friends, and during one of our happy hours where we forgot to invite anyone else, Christian asked me what I was doing the next weekend and if I wanted to go to Paris. We booked our flight before we had our first official date.

As told by Michelle and Christian: This March we will celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and though we didn't join the CIA (or did we?), we're still living an adventurous life. We were both relocated to Shanghai, China, with our respective employers and are settling in, brushing up on our Mandarin, and living a life fit for a case study.

Allison R. Rose (MBA '09) and Daniel Moss (MBA '09)

Stern Sweethearts 2013 - Rose and Moss 2

As told by Allison and Daniel: Our relationship began in true Stern fashion - we met during a game of beer pong at the 2007 Langone Retreat for part-time MBA students in upstate New York. Dan, of course, is quite good at beer pong and won several games in a row. But his next opponent, Allison, would prove to be the match of his life. Dan may have lost the match that night, but he secured victory as he won Allison's phone number.

After two months of sharing class notes, Dan finally found the nerve to ask Allison out. At Beer Blast, of course. For our first date after class on Tuesday, November 13, 2007, Dan took Allison to Otto Enoteca, not far from Washington Square Park. It was a great first date and we talked long into the night sharing stories about our past. In the coming weeks we quickly realized we had found our match in each other. During our last two years in the Langone program, we made the most of our shared MBA experience. Dan helped Allison (patiently) through an advanced accounting class; Allison introduced Dan to the marvels of marketing; we had the experience of a lifetime in DBi Hong Kong; and many more amazing memories.

We were married on August 21, 2011, in Napa Valley, California, surrounded by our family and close friends. In January 2012, Dan and Allison moved from New York City to Los Angeles. True to the form of our studies, Dan now works in finance and Allison in marketing.

Frances Blechman Ticker (BS '50) and Marvin Ticker (BS '49)

Stern Sweethearts 2013 - Ticker

As told by Frances: Before it was Stern, it was the School of Commerce. My darling and I met the first day of class in February 1947. We traveled to and from Brooklyn on the BMT and became buddies. Those days, NYU had a basketball team that was terrific. Marvin asked me to stand in line so that he could get two tickets to the next game - sometime in the fall of 1947. I told him that I was not going to stand in line so that he could take another lady out - which was so forward for those days! Anyway, he was a veteran and graduated in 1949. We also founded the Sales Association in 1948, which was open to all Commerce students.

We were married Thanksgiving weekend of 1949 and I graduated in 1950. We loved our time at Commerce in NYC, and meeting each other and spending the rest of our married lives together. Marvin passed on in 1997 - much too soon.

Alyson Kuntz Wess (MBA '99) and Chris Wess (MBA '00)

Stern Sweethearts 2013 - Wess

As told by Alyson and Chris: Our love story started well before we came to Stern. We met in Chicago where we were both working at GE Capital, just out of undergrad. We had a long distance relationship for a couple of years as we both navigated the “Real World.” Speeding up and down I-95 each weekend, we knew every rest stop and toll booth between Fairfield County and Metro D.C. and more importantly, where the speed traps were located! We soon established that MBAs were in our future, but were not sure how to get it done. We talked about going to school in different cities, but after being apart for so long we quickly realized that was not an option! After rigorously evaluating the many permutations and combinations (as any good MBA candidate would), it was quite clear that Stern was a great fit for us individually and as a couple. We took the GMAT together on a ridiculously frigid day in White Plains and at lunch at Uno's afterwards, we talked about our hopes for our big next steps.

Alyson was in the full time program and Chris was in the part time program. While the part time/full time lifestyles and pressures are very different, we shared much of the Stern experience. We had many of the same friends and classmates, we wrote a restaurant review column for The Opportunity, and we even managed to take a finance class together. It's well established that Alyson had the better schedule than Chris….while we enjoyed many a beer blast together, she and her friends were able to enjoy fun afternoons at Swifts before said beer blasts. The more formal occasions were quite memorable as well…from the Halloween parties to the “prom,” aka the Spring Formal.

We got engaged on the campus of Princeton University, where Alyson was living during her summer internship at Johnson & Johnson. In August 1999, we were honored to celebrate our wedding with many friends from Stern. Our current suburban life in Skillman, NJ, is quite different from those great years in the Village. We wouldn't change a thing - life with our two daughters (aged 10 and 7) is rewarding beyond what we ever imagined. Two big jobs, dance classes, band practice and basketball keep us busy these days, but we're never too far away in miles or imagination from our favorite city.