Professor Dolly Chugh Discusses Her Book "The Person You Mean to Be" with Jenn Wynn (MBA ’14)

Professor Dolly Chugh and Jenn Wynn (MBA '14)
In the first Author Lecture Series event of the fall semester, Professor Dolly Chugh sat down with moderator and former student Jenn Wynn (MBA ’14), blended learning manager at The Obama Foundation, for an engaging conversation about her new book, The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias. Drawing on research in the social sciences, stories of real people, and her own experiences, Professor Chugh explained how unconscious bias can creep into our lives, and how we can work to become better allies and advocates for others. 

In a conversation that could have continued long after the allotted hour, both Professor Chugh and Jenn Wynn shared personal examples of unconscious bias to bring the topic to life for attendees.  

Alumni Council Member Serge Permyakoff (MBA ’15) welcomed the speakers and kicked off the evening with introductory remarks. After the discussion and Q&A, guests enjoyed a reception and book signing with Professor Chugh. 

Check out photos from the evening and social media highlights, and view the full discussion in the video below. Learn about upcoming events in the NYU Stern Author Lecture Series

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09.05.2018 Author Lecture Series: The Person You Mean to Be

Social Media Highlights

In conversation last night with Professor @dolly.chugh about the psychology of good-ish people, moving from believer to builder, and always having a growth mindset. One powerful call to action that all of us can do to create a more diverse, inclusive, equitable world? Learn people’s names. When you don’t know how to say a person’s name, you avoid the person entirely - instead, appreciate that every name has a story. How can you learn about someone through their name? As someone with a pretty unique name, I found myself realizing that this is such an easy yet impactful way to open up, be honest with others, and learn. So excited to read “The Person You Mean to Be!”

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