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We thank the parents and guardians of NYU Stern’s exemplary students for supporting every aspect of their education while ensuring the School’s future success. The following individuals made gifts between September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017.

Anonymous (21)
Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed S. Abdelrahman
Ishtiaque Ahmad
Elaine and Edward I. Altman
Antonio C. Alvarez, II MBA '76
Luis M. Alvarez
Wenqian An
Sanjiv Anand MBA '85
Mr. and Mrs. Alan I. Annex
Rodney L. Arroyo
Maria S. Gomez and Baleriano P. Audelo
Nancy and Edward E. BS '57 Barr* 
Lissa MBA '80 Cohen-Baum and Robert A. MBA '79 Baum 
Norman D. Berman MPhil '06
Sudhir Bhakuni MBA '96*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Biagioli
Shetocqua Y. Bigby*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Binczyk
Frederick H. Bliss MBA '81*
David Blumenthal BS '66
Tonya L. Bond
Andrea C. Bonomi BS '86
Patricia W. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Burgunder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Byfield
Pascal Cagni
Elizabeth B. Cashman
John A. Catsimatidis*
Stephanie L. Ceccoli
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Cegler
Pok Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Fang Chao
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Y. Chen
Joe Chen
Xiaoqin Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Kwang Rae Cho
Raymond Joe-Yee Chung BS '75
Chan Min Chyun MBA '94*
Harvey L. Cohen BS '63*
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Corley
C. Samuel Craig
John J. Creedon BS '52
Giuseppe and Teresa S. Crivello
John F. Curtis MBA '73
Timothy J. Cusack MBA '74*
Mr. and Mrs. Jean L. De Ridder
Robert J. Demichiel BS '81/MBA '84
Kevin J. Deng
Mr. and Mrs. Huai Ding
Mr. and Mrs. Sergey N. Dmitriev
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando X. Donayre
Jessica Dong
Barbara M. Droogan
Ronald Edelson
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Ellis Martinez
Jill S. Ferst
Frank J. Fertitta, III
Mr. and Mrs. Marco A. Fiallos
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Fink
Helene Fortunoff BS '53
Odile Frank
Selma M. Friedman*
Jeffrey Fuchs
Frank A. Futernick
Eve M. Gerriets Mongiardo MBA '96
Raymond A. Gindi BS '89
Anna Ginovker BS '94
Saverio Gitto BS '57
Howard J. Golden BS '87*
Roberto A. Gomez-Suarez
Yulan Gong
Dr. and Ms. Robert C. Gordon
Lisa E. and Paul M. Greenberg
Shelley F. Greenhaus MBA '78*
Mr. and Mrs. Pritpal S. Grewal
William Grey MBA '00
Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Guo
Bruce D. Haber*
Sharon M. and Sinclair C. Haberman
Jack C. Haddad BS '82*
Donald E. Handelman MBA '54*
Joseph W. Handelman MBA '64*
Fangqing T. He
Richard M. Hendler BS '85
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Hetzel
Matthew D. Heyman BS '84*
Jacqueline Bazel Horowitz MBA '88
Ann Y. Huang*
Dr. and Dr. Ying Huang
Elaine Mao MBA '89 and Thomas Po-Wen Hui* 
Sonia A. Hylton
Linda A. Inman*
Hemant Jain
Patrick Jean-Philippe
James Jia
Mr. and Mrs. Anoop K. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Bharat Kamdar
The Kane Family
Mr. and Mrs. Probhat Kapur
Monica S. Karo
Andrea and Jay J. BS '74/MBA '75 Kestenbaum
Yernho Kim MS '79
Jane W. MBA '78 and Charles D. Klein 
Tirumalarao R. Konuthula
Andre J.L. Koo MBA '94*
Stacy Kanter and Eric M. Kornblau
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kosturos
Punit Kumar
Dr. and Mrs. Ravi Kumar
Anicruz Lebron
Anna F. Lee
Arthur E. Lee MBA '71*
Chang-Cheng Lee MBA '98
Suzanne L. and Richard B. BS '82 Leeds
John Leung BS '89*
George E. Leventis
Mr. and Mrs. Gang Li
Shin Y. Liong
Yossi Lipkin
Dr. and Mrs. Hailing Liu
Hongchuan Liu
Mr. and Ms. Xiaofeng Liu
Dianne F. Lob
Wei Wei Chen and Wei Lu
Mr. and Mrs. Xiaoan Lu
Charles A. Mangum
Joan F. Martens MBA '75*
Kathleen M. Mcelroy
Mary K. Mcintyre-Ladd
Carlos Menendez BS '71*
Robert L. Morse BS '82/MBA '87
Mr. and Mrs. Praveen Moudgal
Mr. and Mrs. John and Margherita Mozer
John M. Mulcahy BS '89
Jesus N. Navarrete
Cathie Nelson
Deqiang Niu
Mehrdad Noorani MBA '88*
Richard J. Novick BS '68*
Eunhee Oh
Prashant K. Padhy
Herbert Morton Paul MBA '56*
Jenny Peng
Gopakumar K. Periyadan
Akbar A. Poonawala MBA '86
Danuta Radlowska
Mr. and Dr. Rama Ramachandran
Mr. Keith L. Ray and Ms. Leslie S. Gales*
Carol A. Reina-McDonnell*
Anny Revilla
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Rivers
Mark J. Rodrigues
Peter A. Rossetti, Jr.
Howard M. Rothman BS '83
David C. Rubin
Dianne and Daniel J. MBA '94 Ryterband*
Judy Samaroo
Joanne Reiman MBA '76 and Peter A. MBA '73 Santoriello*
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Selover
Paresh C. Shah
Dr. and Mrs. Pavel Shlimovich
Gail and Mark Silberman
Kathleen H. Simmons*
Alok Singh MBA '75*
Howard Smith*
Dr. and Dr. Michael K. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dongwoo D. Sohn
Daniel Solondz MBA '54*
Thomas Sorrentino BS '83
Beverly Stone
Pamela E. and Bradford S. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone
Manoj K. Subudhi
Sandra Yu-Mei Sun BS '88
Jeanann K. MBA '90 and Mark L. MBA '90 Suter*
Mr. and Mrs. Zoltan Szenics
David D. Taieb
Kenneth R. Tait
Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv Tandon
Mr. and Mrs. Dianwei Tang
Anthony Taylor
Mary B. Trine
Mr. and Mrs. Wei L. Tum
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tus*
Karen M. Walker-Thompson
Linda M. Walter
Jian Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Yingkai Wang
Mr. and Ms. Bo Wei
Joyce S. MBA '91 and Steven B. BS '73 Wolitzer*
Martin J. Wygod BS '61*
Mr. and Mrs. Ming Xie
Mr. and Mrs. Baozhong Xin
Wei Xu
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Yang
Jianxin Yang*
Mr. and Ms. Xudong Yao
Roger L. Yaseen MBA '75
Mr. and Mrs. Ryh Y. Yeh & Chin H. Chiu
Kyungwha and Paul W. Yun
Shili Zhan
Yi Zhang
Fan Zheng
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zheng
Mr. and Ms. Chun Zhou
Mr. and Mrs. Mingxing Zhou
Dr. and Ms. Zhenghuan Zhou
Rong Zhu

If you have questions about your listing or would like more information on how you can contribute, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 212-998-4161.

* Denotes consistent giving of five or more years
† Denotes deceased
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