"Too Big To Fail" and Its Implications on Bank Funding Costs

October 8, 2013
NYU Stern School of Business

TCH Stern


The Dodd-Frank Act addresses TBTF in multiple ways. Currently, the issue of funding cost differentials between large and small banks has been partially attributed to TBTF benefits. In this conference, leading experts will discuss the current approaches to estimating such perceived benefits, the limitations of the approaches, and directions for future research. Finally, the conference will consider the impact of regulatory reforms on these perceptions and how measurement of cost differentials will be affected using more recent, post-crisis data.


10:30 - 12:00pm Panel I: Are Funding Cost Differentials between Small and Large Banks Explained by TBTF Perceptions?

Randy Kroszner, Chicago Booth School of Business [Article]

Viral Acharya, NYU Stern School of Business [Slides]
Michel Araten, JPMorgan Chase [Slides]
Joseph Hughes, Rutgers University [Article]
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-2:30pm Panel II: The Impact of the New Regulatory Framework on Perceived TBTF Benefits

Matthew Richardson, NYU Stern School of Business [Article]

Sandra Lawson, Goldman Sachs
John Lester, Oliver Wyman
Stijn van Nieuwerburgh, NYU Stern School of Business [Slides]