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The Tech MBA Class of 2022 is 48% women, with 100% of seeking students receiving employment within 3 months of graduation. The average postgrad salary is $152,601 and 54.9% of accepted offers are in product management.

Professor Thomas Philippon explores the fintech opportunity

Fintech can bring deep changes but is likely to create significant regulatory challenges.
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Online Banking

Professor David Yermack & Research Fellow Max Raskin discuss preparing for a world without cash

The Federal Reserve has done almost nothing to study how a digital currency might work.
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Professor David Yermack explores if blockchains are coming soon to your market

These innovations have the potential to change corporate governance as much as any event since the 1933 and 1934 securities acts in the United States.
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Professor David Yermack provides insight on blockchain and corporate governance

The lower cost, greater liquidity, more accurate record-keeping, and transparency of ownership offered by blockchains may significantly upend the balance of power
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Robo Advisor

Professors Vasant Dhar & Scott Galloway ask "should you trust your money to a robot?"

As these “robots” become a bigger part of our lives, we don’t have any framework for evaluating which decisions we should be comfortable delegating to algorithms and which ones humans should retain. That’s surprising, given the high stakes involved.
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Peer to Peer Network

Professor Arun Sundararajan investigates self-regulation and innovation in the peer-to-peer sharing economy

Self-regulation is key to resolve the challenges facing the sharing economy
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