Working Together

Leadership Accelerator

Through challenging, high-engagement experiences, students gain the behavioral skills & mindset to embrace & drive change in an ever-evolving business world

Our Philosophy

Leadership development is not a passive process. Infused into all our programming is our pedagogical philosophy – namely, that leadership development requires students to repeatedly put themselves outside their comfort zone, to take risks and fail, and to learn from these experiences through skillful reflection. We are here to provide them with this opportunity. 

Six Core Values of Leadership



Skillfully modulates thinking and behavior across diverse situations; purposeful self-regulation
Light Bulb

Innovative Mindset

Intensely solutions oriented; creates instead of critiques; envisions plausible alternative futures on both small and large scales
Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

Seizes challenges where failure is possible; learns from and is resilient in the face of failure; tolerates personal discomfort to enable growth and development in self and others
Action Oriented


Complete engagement with a bias for action; acts deliberately and with courage; takes full steps to address problems and opportunities (no half measures)


Deep appreciation of differences; seeks out and incorporates alternative perspectives
Self Awareness


Self-reflective; an evolved sense of personal values and purpose; awareness of how one relates to others and society