Past Events


In this highly interactive in-person workshop by the Leadership Accelerator, you’ll learn how to:

- Use humor as a secret weapon to clearly and confidently communicate your message

- ​Leverage your natural humor to create a lasting impression

- ​"Find the funny" in day-to-day life

- Strategically incorporate humor into your stories

In Stern’s Storytelling for Leadership Labs, a three-part series on October 10th, 17th, and 24th, students develop the skills to inspire, motivate, and build genuine connections with those they lead. The labs build on one another, featuring themes such as intrinsic motivation; storytelling for leadership; and inspiring trust. Speakers share applied insight, supporting students in their growth.

One of the most important leadership values is agility. As you face change and uncertainty, learning how to respond quickly and confidently is what will set you apart. Improv is a low stakes and fun way to practice this behavior. You don’t have to be funny, and you don’t need prior improv experience. The only requirement is to show up with an open mind.