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Marketing Experts From Stern, Columbia, Wharton, Yale Share Research at 2010 Four School Colloquium

The 2010 Four School Colloquium, hosted by NYU Stern’s Marketing Department, brought together more than 100 of the country’s foremost marketing researchers from Stern, Columbia, Wharton and Yale to share and present their most recent work on April 23.

“The Four School Colloquium offers a forum for the best and brightest in the field of marketing to present their research,” says NYU Stern Marketing Department Chair Russ Winer. “The event is unique as there is no other part of the country with such top business schools in close proximity. We are really able to tap into the best minds in marketing through the presentations and interactions between faculty and doctoral students.”

Kicking off the day’s events, NYU Stern Professor Sam Hui shared his research on “A New Approach to Scripts-based Box Office Revenue Forecasting with Applications to Risk Management.” In the study, Professor Hui and his co-authors developed a new and reliable screening method to choose movie scripts that will outperform the market. Studying genre, content, semantics and the use of specific words, the researchers showed how textual information from movie scripts can help predict revenues.

Additional presentations from researchers at Yale, Columbia and Wharton spanned topics including customer management, judgment and decision making, and point-of-purchase marketing.

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