Through cutting-edge research and innovative teaching methods, NYU Stern Marketing is shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.

Excellence in Marketing

At Stern, we strive towards marketing excellence by pioneering research in the industry and tackling real-world matters in the classroom. Ranked as one of the top five departments in the world based on research productivity, our department boasts of over 100 publications in the last three years, about two-thirds of which are in top-tier scholarly journals.

–Message from the Department Chair

At NYU Stern Marketing, we take pride in being a productive, innovative, diverse and harmonious melting pot.

Indeed, in an ever-evolving academic environment, UT Dallas ranked NYU Stern Marketing 4th in the world in research productivity (2014-2017). 

Our programs and initiatives, including the Entertainment, Media and Technology Program, the NYU Stern CBS Media Analytics Initiative, and the newly launched Stern Fashion Lab, aim to leverage our NYC location to nurture industry and academic relations for faculty and students.

Stern Marketing’s faculty consists of 29 full time professors, 4 affiliated faculty, and 50+ adjuncts hailing from all corners of the globe; our countries of origin include Australia, Belgium, China, India, Japan, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and more. In addition, ten of our full-time professors are female-identified and tenure-track (five are Full Professors and four are in the Quantitative Marketing area).

The wide variety of our faculty’s substantive, theoretical and methodological research interests run the gamut from traditional perception, memory, attitudes, and context effects to JDM, econometrics, machine learning, text mining, stochastic modeling, neuroscience, empirical I-O, and social networks. Faculty engage in cross-disciplinary research using a mix of experiments and secondary data, blurring boundaries between traditional "CB" and "Marketing Science" research.

I’m proud to have been part of Stern Marketing’s growth and innovation over the past decade and I look forward to guiding the department through the next few years.

Best wishes,
Tülin Erdem
Leonard N. Stern Professor of Business and
Professor of Marketing
Chair, Marketing Department