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Airbnb Co-Founder Nathan Blecharczyk Fireside Chat with Arun Sundararajan

Arun Sundararajan and Nathan Blecharczyk
Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Location: NYU Stern, New York, NY 10012

In this fireside chat with Professor Arun Sundararajan, Airbnb’s co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk will trace the meteoritic rise of the company from an idea and a few air mattresses, to a disruptor, to a position of global leadership, outlining the company’s vision for what a responsible 21st century corporation and platform looks like. Nate and Arun will also touch upon key choices that led to Airbnb’s success; how Airbnb managed having to “grow up” as a business faster than any platform that preceded it; how Airbnb handles tradeoffs in creating value for all its stakeholders; nurturing and sustaining platform trust; and broader implications of the central role that digital platforms play in business and society today.

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